Friday, September 02, 2011

OVB: Southern Men and Patton on Strategy

Two good articles from Old Virginia Blog. The first, see why Patton tells us to read autobiographies to learn military strategy, and the second, read about how Southern men are more "manly" according to a new study (although I somewhat disagree with their stated criteria I have to admit). OVB is always good; does anyone here read it? I've plugged it enough....



Jonas said...

You know, that article on manliness was one of the strangest I've read.. I just can't help but wonder why driving an American car is manlier than driving a German or Swedish one? :P (most Swedes sure think driving a Swedish car is the manliest it gets I can tell you ;))

Oh, and eating chicken wings, isn't that about as wimpy as it gets? (I mean, try to look manly plucking off tiny bits of meat from diminutive wings! Or are you supposed to swallow them whole? That might strike me as more than a little manly, if more than a little stupid as well..)

And REALLY, which man worth his salt reads Playboy? :o

No offence intended of course but thanks for the laugh ;)

The Warrior said...

...which is why you saw me say, I disagree with much. :-) The one I first noticed was "Monster truck rallies...really?" The reason I posted is that I, for the most part, agree with their conclusions, perhaps not necessarily how they got there.

Hey, I LOVE wings!

Playboy is for germs, agreed. Get a real woman. Psh.

Always appreciate your input, Jonas, hope all is well with you. :-)


P.S. I now have the Tron OST...cost me a small fortune to get the SE but oh was it worth it!

olde.fashioned said...

Jonas, I think I have to side completely with you (and Spencer) here!! While I like the idea of a study that analyzes the "manliest cities" in the US, the criteria are utterly ridiculous.

From this woman's perspective, a NASCAR-watching, beer-chugging, hot-wing chewing, Playboy and Maxim-reading "man" is not a man, but a male, and a shoddy, shameful specimen at that. I would rather join a convent than marry a creature like that.

(And really, what if the manly man's wife happens to subscribe to O Magazine, or Martha Stewart living? What if they have 5 kids, and no longer fit in a pick-up truck, yet cannot afford two vehicles? To me it's more manly to drive a mini-van and accommodate your family in greater comfort.)

And oh, no manly man ever wants a Lamborghini or Ferrari when he can have a Ford Focus.

Jonas said...

But... to play the Devil's advocate (or perhaps the advocate of New York in this instance), isn't saying that you agree with the conclusion but not the premises a bit like stating that 2+2=4? ;)

(says the one who has read far too much Aristotle for his own good)

The Warrior said...

Lauren: Haahahaa!

Jonas: Well, as I know not Aristotle, read my news post comment. This post is what happens when you blog when you're sick, tired, and swamped. :-P


Jonas said...

Oh, you're not the only one writing while tired.. of course I meant saying 2+2=5. Not that it matters much, really.

The Warrior said...

Ah, gotcha! Well it depends on how you look at it, but I already conceded, so.... :-P