Sunday, September 04, 2011

News Article Plethora


I've been incredibly busy of late, so these links are in no particular order're lucky you're getting them at all. As you can see I haven't been blogging much lately--this should give you enough material to work on for a while!

Is Martial Law and Dictatorship Around the Corner?

Judge Orders Kansas to Send Tax Money to Planned Parenthood

Gay-Themed Military Magazine to Appear Free-of-Charge on Select Army & Air Force Bases

Man Faces Life In Jail For Recording Police

Illegal alien from Kenya named Obama arrested in U.S.

'Nazi-police' town has election 'stolen'

The Homosexual Agenda caused the UK Riots

School Board must revisit issue of parental notification

Fields v. Palmdale School District (2005)

College Bans National Anthem — ‘Too Violent’

U.S. sued over Michelle’s secretive ‘family outing'

Underpublicized Threat Deep in White House

Iran Launches Bible-burning Campaign

Obama adviser compared U.S. Christians to al-Qaida: Also likened feared terror group to Jewish ‘totalitarians’ in Israel

Perry Signs Pledge on Anti-gay Marriage Amendment

Martin Luther King Memorial Made in China

Texas Supreme Court upholds so-called “pole tax”

JPFO Calls for Repeal of Phony Gun-Free School Zones Law

Idaho woman challenges abortion laws after prosecution

Right to Privacy Protected at Front Door

Obama backs off tough clean air regulation

My Faith: Rep. Keith Ellison, from Catholic to Muslim

Blueprint for Dismantling Obamacare

Shocking: Obama Admits He is “Unpatriotic”

Your Share of Uncle Sam’s Debt: $534,000

China Flays US Over Credit Rating Downgrade

Canton police officer under investigation after concealed carry arrest

New York Times reader kills dozens in Norway

Pulling the rug out from underneath gay adoption

136 Texas public colleges, universities asked about religious discrimination at career centers

Taxpayers Funded ObamaCare Internet Propaganda Campaign

Now It’s the Law! California Schools Must Push Homosexuality

How Mormons are winning the Web

Hundreds of Thousands of Human Embryos Discarded

MSNBC dehumanizes Tea Party, calls them cannibals, aliens, delusional, psychotic, addicts

Criticize ObamaCare & Go To Jail?

California Couple Sue Fertility Doctor Over 'Lost' Embryos

Did Facebook ‘Censor’ Post Critical of Obama Immigration Policy?

Obama Flashback: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’

Biden to China: “Not Second-Guessing” One-Child Policy

Maxine Waters: Tea Party Can Go 'Straight to Hell'

Obama’s Alias Vanishing Quickly From Professional Databases

Fox News' parent company investing in 'gay marriage'

For Marines in Afghanistan: be careful where you fart

Government will stop deporting some illegal immigrants, allow them to work

Arizona sheriff promises Obama-eligibility probe

ADF to local Calif. governments: Don’t listen to threats over prayer policies

State Superintendent: Homeschoolers Need More Oversight

Federal Court Denies FFRF Petition To Bar Texas Governor From Prayer Rally

Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie to Wed?

FCC To Regulate Religion & Politics?

DNC Launches First Ad of 2012 Campaign – in Spanish

Curious timing for pro-Obama movie

You are a terrorist

ADF responds to additional ACLU demands that schoolchildren be exposed to porn

Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans


Child Molester working at TSA

Morning Bell: A Devastating Blow to Obamacare

“Come Out Of Her, My People”

Maxine Waters Ask Blacks for Permission to Attack Obama

Perry: Theory of Evolution Has 'Gaps' In It

'Teacher of the Year' suspended for calling gay marriage a 'cesspool' on his Facebook page

Guns, ammunition seized at L.A. animal shelters as probe expands

Virginia Tech in lockdown as police search for possible gunman

Raccoons shot to death in Costa Mesa; suspect arrested

10 LAPD officers sue, saying department has traffic-ticket quotas

If ATF can’t tell us what a ‘firearm’ is, who can?

'I created Obama's certification of birth'

Court tells Hawaii officials to explain Obama's birth records

Court unshackles Arizona Abortion Consent Act

The riots remind us that polygamous societies are naturally violent



Obama To Create National Internet ID

Petition Asks Bert And Ernie To Get Married On Sesame Street

Coulter -- 'queen of fabulous' for gay conservatives

White House Photo Violates SEALs Families' Wishes

‘Is The Tea Party Over?’

Satellite Dishes a Human Right?

Obama Golfs After Downgrade

The financial benefits of supporting 'gay marriage'

Obama Marks 9/11 at Ramadan Dinner

English in America: Who’s Stifling Assimilation?

ACLU Sues Inn for Refusing to Host Lesbian Wedding Reception

Obama Social Security Number to become issue in 2012 race?

Arkansas town seeks to ban free speech for residents


Deriding the Tea Party: Terrorists “Strapped with Dynamite”

White House proudly supports repeal of DOMA

Attorney General Releases Murdering Terrorists Upon Request

One Big, Happy Polygamous Family

Obama Admin Demands New Hampshire Restore Planned Parenthood $

Obamacare Limits Children’s Access to Care

Porn operation a 'nightmare' for children

Free cell phones are now a civil right

Prayer and the Fabric of America

NRA Chief LaPierre: Eric Holder Must Go

Toledo police spokesperson: Defending self during armed robbery "just not worth it"

Obama Packing the Courts with Homosexual Activists

Prechter: We're In a Depression That Will Last for Years

Obama Admin Adds 608 New Regulations in July!

Keep the Gay Blood Ban – California AIDS Flier Exposes Extreme Risks of Homosexual Sex
(WARNING: Graphic homosexual sex material, adults only!)

NRA To Sue Feds Over ATF Intimidation Of Gun Sellers

Two States Defy DC on No Child Left Behind

More states defying feds on no child left behind act

Group Charged with ‘Conspiracy’ for Selling Unpasteurized Milk

Obama's Fast & Furious Agenda: Gun Control

Communist Party USA Officially Endorses Barack Obama

School Board: Homeschooling Disorganized and Isolationist

Taxpayer-funded ‘gay’ spaces anything but ‘safe’

DADT repeal leading to 'special treatment'

Trump: I May Run for ‘President’ if Economy Stays Bad

Obama Nominates Anti-gun Activist to Country’s Second Most Important Court

Congressman Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Protect School Children from Mass Murderers

School Suspends Students for Sharing Bible Verses

Look who Obama's hired for cybersecurity team



The Warrior said...

And just a reminder, as is true of every single thing you see on this blog, I do not endorse whatever I link. I remind you all of this once again this time around because, due to my time crunch in recent weeks, I wasn't able to analyze them as much as I normally prefer to do (you may have noticed this in my last post about Southern manliness--I "spoke" a tad bit too soon).

But in reality I think this is good for you, anyways; I post for your consideration, not for your unwavering belief. I often post things I don't like, or an news article from a perspective I disagree with merely for the news information on its own. It's good to learn how to discern; I wouldn't advise anyone to blindly accept the words of any mere man, particularly anything from myself. God forbid it!


olde.fashioned said...

Half of those articles make me want to crawl in a hole and never come out. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.