Friday, August 19, 2011

Wanna play chess? Part II

I received little interest for the first post, but at least one reader opened an account, so that's at least enough for me to mention that I also just opened an account at (under the same username, JeanDubois), if anyone is interested.

Perhaps you prefer playing chess with physical chessmen and board? Well, so do I! Enter my next proposition: correspondence chess!

I was first introduced to correspondence chess by, curiously enough, the same friend who opened an account at FICS when I blogged that first post, but I've never played it again. It entails two players, each with their own chess sets, moving one piece and then sending a letter with the information of that move to the other player, who then reads the move, carries it out on his/her own board, then moves his own piece and writes back with that move, and so on and so forth until the game is over. Now correspondence chess is so much easier--no longer are letters necessary, but you (clearly) can do it with everything from email, to phone, to text messaging, or what have you. It does require a knowledge of chess notation, however. It is simple to learn, but the learning curve will be next to nothing when I tell you that I've got a chess set waiting for the first interested reader, with board already notated. (If you already know how to read/write it, great! If not, I can teach you...and I could even teach you how to play if you don't know how.)

The set is inexpensive and nothing to write home about--it's a simple tournament set, with large Staunton style chessmen, a roll-up mat for a board, and a carrying case (which has pockets for a chess record book, pens/pencils, and what appears to be a strap for a chess clock for use in tournaments, which it does not come with). If anyone is interested in playing correspondence chess with me, leave me your contact information below in the comments (if I don't have it already) and I'll get the board to you, and our days-if-not-weeks-long games will commence!

For those of you who think I'm looking for meat for the grinder and will soundly trounce you, fear not: I am truly a beginner. Since opening an account at FICS, I haven't won a game yet!

Any takers?


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Jonas said...

So.. I opened an account as well but I admit correspondence chess seem classier. Then again I don't own a set but that shouldn't be so hard to fix..