Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Time - New Dystopian Sci-Fi Flick

I don't know about you, but this one looks pretty exciting to me! (Sans Timberlake and what appears to be possible sex scenes, of course.) I'm loving the idea of time as money--works well for a dystopian story, one of my favorite genres of all time. I could see this potentially coming about, in small ways (likely never as completely as in this piece, but then again, that's my usual approach to all dystopias--I tend to believe a little of each of them is soon coming).

One, I loved the director's other film Gattaca (which, by the way, everyone should see as it's a chillingly accurate vision of the future), and I also enjoy Cillian Murphy's work (and do I see a leather trench?). I also see in this trailer a small view of the future (as something seems to be imbedded in their arms). A day will come when we have no IDs, no cash or credit cards, no papers; it will all be installed on a little chip that is inserted in the body (likely on small children, perhaps even infants at birth). This chip will also surely serve as a tracking device, and, who knows, perhaps a form of control as well (I'm thinking perhaps some sort of stun or a nervous system shutdown option, just to make it easier for them to come and "apprehend" you if they so choose).

But just about any new dystopia is something I'll check out, pretty much. What do you guys think?

Courtesy of Comic-Con 2011.



Nathan said...


So, believe it or not... this is pretty much the same basic premise of the main novel I've been writing... my most favorite, pet project, into which I've poured the most effort (but I will not speak of it more in such a public forum as here; I've been super protective of it). Luckily, however, even though the premise is the same, my story and characters are probably different enough that I can still hopefully finish it and get it published.... But still. I'm probably gonna have to deal with people saying, "Hey, this is just like 'In Time'!"


But hey, the creators of this movie have my congratulations. I'm not gonna be one of those unaccomplished whiners who cries, "Hey, they stole my idea!" Because that's definitely not the case. When the inspiration hit me for my story I thought it was pure brilliance, and I have to admire anyone else who independently comes up with the same thing. That deserves my respect--and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie! :D

olde.fashioned said...

This looks good! Definitely thought-provoking.

olde.fashioned said...

Oh Nathan...that sucks! I've been there (more than once, actually), so I know how it feels.

But you know, more than one great novel has a major plot element in common with another great novel, so don't let that stop you!

Nathan said...

Oh, it certainly won't stop me. :) I'm just not looking forward to people comparing the two stories, haha!