Saturday, July 30, 2011

Favorite Movie Villains

Bouncing off of my favorite movie heroes list, here's a list of what are, in my opinion, some of the best movie villains that I've seen. (Can I really say favorite villains?) Doing this fun post was half the reason I did the first!

The Joker
The Dark Knight
Who else can one choose? Creepy, stomach-turning, and ultimate evil, The Joker is one of the best villains in cinematic history. Why so serious?

Agent Smith
The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
Come on! He's almost cooler than Neo! Backed by the always-good Hugo Weaving, the portrayal of a frustrated Agent turning into a rogue monster program driven by hate alone wouldn't be half so effective if it had been any other actor. And, as The Joker, he is so quotable--each film has at least one unforgettable Agent Smith speech ("Evolution" in the first, "Purpose" in the second, and "Why do you do it?" in the third). And he looks excellent.

Ra's al-Ghul
Batman Begins
The thing that always gets me about Ra's is how right he is. Listen to him, what he has to say, and what he believes. The majority of his statements are in line with my own worldview. It's just too bad that he went just a little bit too far. Well, at least he looks bearishly manly doing it.

TRON: Legacy
"Libations...for...everyBODYYYYYY!" In one of the most unforgettable characters ever, the two-faced Castor is flamboyant, ostentatious, and cool. Hardly manly but still somehow unendingly awesome, who could forget Castor? (Also, his girlfriend/partner in crime Gem is unforgettable as well, and she herself almost made this list.)

Scarecrow / Dr. Jonathan Crane
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
"Would you like to see my mask?" Evil yet sophisticated, monstrous yet ingenius, Dr. Crane as the Scarecrow makes Begins possible, and TDK more fun. He's so much fun to watch, and Cillian Murphy does good work as well (watching him and Tom Wilkinson play off each other is just great).

TRON: Legacy
Predictable? I say classic! This role may not win any Academy Awards, but, come on, what a cool bad guy! That cut-out trench coat, that amazing moving helmet, and that scene towards the end with those chanting soldiers...I'd pay mega bucks for all of it!

The Merovingian
The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
The foul, almost pimp-like power player from inside the matrix is just one of those figures. Cool, quotable, and always dressed in style--that's the Merovingian!

TRON: Legacy
Sure, he barely speaks, but he fights like a maniac. His helmet was literally fashioned after an ant cephalon, the actor knows parkour, so it's a pure pleasure watching this guy go to work with his dual discs. And isn't Rinzler just a cool name anyways?

The Humungus
The Road Warrior
Come on! Who doesn't love the Mad Max movies? And come on, it's "The Ayatollah, of Rock 'n' Rollah!" ...ok, so whatever everyone else thinks, I think this guy's a great villain.

The Book of Eli
He wants the Bible...but not because you or I might want one. He wants to rule with it. He almost gets his way, if it hadn't been for God's soldier, Eli. Gary Oldman is always excellent!

The Architect
The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
He is cold, stoic, and utterly without feeling. What did you think he was, human?

Carver Doone
Lorna Doone
Classically evil, eminently hate-able...Carver Doone vs. John Ridd is one of my favorite good vs. evil pairs in film.

Col. Hans Landa
Inglourious B*****ds
This was a messed up movie, for sure. Beyond Tarantino's bizarre twisting, it's even inferred that Hitler is assassinated.... The only good parts of this film had this guy in them. Not merely your usual evil Nazi...he talks, and talks, and talks, and boy is he creepy! Good acting, that.

This lesser-known movie (due to it being Korean) is one of my favorites. Sin is a bad, bad guy, it is true, but why he made this list (besides the fact that it's once again Jang Dong-Gun)? His words: "If anything happens to my sister...I'll cut your throat."

Anyone else want to try?



guitargirl said...

Hmm. Perhaps I shall make a list like this one and blog it some day. :)

olde.fashioned said...

Epic list! I really enjoyed it. Keep 'em coming. ;D