Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

I often wait until a trailer comes out to get too excited for a movie.

K, I'm excited now!

Take a look at it; you might want to do so before continuing to read my words, as they are "spoiler-y". It's short, and has a few clips from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, including voice-overs from Ras al-Ghul.

What makes a fan like me freak is seeing Commissioner Gordon in a hospital bed (and clearly seriously injured--Bane?), and hearing Bruce Wayne's voice in the background, talking to him about Batman needing to return (apparently Batman is "gone"?). (Serious fans of the first two films will be able to tell that this is NOT Batman's voice, but Bruce Wayne's--which begs the question, does Gordon know of Bruce's/Batman's secret?)

"We were in this together," Gordon says, "and then you were gone." He then says something about "evil rises", and "The Batman has to come back."

Bruce: "What if he doesn't exist anymore?"

Gordon then says, "He must...he must." (At least I think that's what he says).

We then see a shot of an obviously, let's say, beat up Batman backing away, and Bane stalking into the screen...and then that's it.

While all this really is is a "teaser" as it's being rightfully called, it's still given me some fan food for thought already, perhaps in an unexpected way: the score.

As my readers should know, I'm a massive fan of Hans Zimmer, and his other two soundtracks for these films are some of the best ever done, in my opinion. The soundtrack to Batman Begins was animalistic and intense. When he did The Dark Knight, the intensity remained but the animal qualities were traded in for an almost technological, machine-like sound. I've been trying to figure out just what he had in store the third time around. I have to admit, I didn't figure on this.

Listen to the sequence when Batman is backing away from Bane. Do you hear that? Still intense, yes, but what other element does it have that the first two did not?

The human element! A choir--and no cheesy choir, mind you. It's about as intense a choir as I've ever heard. And come to think of it, after animalistic and technological, what else is there to do? This is perfect! I've already watched the trailer a few times just to hear the music in that portion. Well, ladies and gentleman, we can fairly assume that Mr. Zimmer has, once more, done it again!

On other notes, I'm so excited to have Bane (will he ever say in the movie, "I will breeaaaak yoooouuu!!"?) as I've been begging for him since the first one came out (literally), but I hope it doesn't get messed up with Catwoman (uggh), and the title is lame, in my opinion (the first two titles were amazing--why this cheap redux?). Anyhow, you have to wonder what the heck they did to poor Tom Hardy, and if he will ever recover, to make him look like such a monster. (And a PS on my part demands NO SEX!)

This should be interesting.


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