Sunday, July 17, 2011

ATF wants Mexican gun cartels armed... that's the only conclusion that we can logically make about these events. (Check out my friend Gravelbelly's post on it, see title link.) It makes you wonder, just how low can they go? But perhaps a better question is, why?



The Warrior said...

Here's an older post of mine:

Gravelbelly said...

I think the "why" should be obvious.
The administration has deliberately encouraged illegal trafficking in firearms so that it can point at the arms in the hands of drug gangs and say that present levels of control are insufficient. The arming of foreign criminals is merely a step in order to DIS-arm the American public.

The Warrior said...

Looks like you're the first (and only) one, Gravelbelly to get the correct answer. I knew YOU knew...ladies and gentleman, take a look and read Gravelbelly's comment.

It is truth. Chilled? You should be.