Saturday, July 30, 2011

Favorite Movie Villains

Bouncing off of my favorite movie heroes list, here's a list of what are, in my opinion, some of the best movie villains that I've seen. (Can I really say favorite villains?) Doing this fun post was half the reason I did the first!

The Joker
The Dark Knight
Who else can one choose? Creepy, stomach-turning, and ultimate evil, The Joker is one of the best villains in cinematic history. Why so serious?

Agent Smith
The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
Come on! He's almost cooler than Neo! Backed by the always-good Hugo Weaving, the portrayal of a frustrated Agent turning into a rogue monster program driven by hate alone wouldn't be half so effective if it had been any other actor. And, as The Joker, he is so quotable--each film has at least one unforgettable Agent Smith speech ("Evolution" in the first, "Purpose" in the second, and "Why do you do it?" in the third). And he looks excellent.

Ra's al-Ghul
Batman Begins
The thing that always gets me about Ra's is how right he is. Listen to him, what he has to say, and what he believes. The majority of his statements are in line with my own worldview. It's just too bad that he went just a little bit too far. Well, at least he looks bearishly manly doing it.

TRON: Legacy
"Libations...for...everyBODYYYYYY!" In one of the most unforgettable characters ever, the two-faced Castor is flamboyant, ostentatious, and cool. Hardly manly but still somehow unendingly awesome, who could forget Castor? (Also, his girlfriend/partner in crime Gem is unforgettable as well, and she herself almost made this list.)

Scarecrow / Dr. Jonathan Crane
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
"Would you like to see my mask?" Evil yet sophisticated, monstrous yet ingenius, Dr. Crane as the Scarecrow makes Begins possible, and TDK more fun. He's so much fun to watch, and Cillian Murphy does good work as well (watching him and Tom Wilkinson play off each other is just great).

TRON: Legacy
Predictable? I say classic! This role may not win any Academy Awards, but, come on, what a cool bad guy! That cut-out trench coat, that amazing moving helmet, and that scene towards the end with those chanting soldiers...I'd pay mega bucks for all of it!

The Merovingian
The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
The foul, almost pimp-like power player from inside the matrix is just one of those figures. Cool, quotable, and always dressed in style--that's the Merovingian!

TRON: Legacy
Sure, he barely speaks, but he fights like a maniac. His helmet was literally fashioned after an ant cephalon, the actor knows parkour, so it's a pure pleasure watching this guy go to work with his dual discs. And isn't Rinzler just a cool name anyways?

The Humungus
The Road Warrior
Come on! Who doesn't love the Mad Max movies? And come on, it's "The Ayatollah, of Rock 'n' Rollah!" ...ok, so whatever everyone else thinks, I think this guy's a great villain.

The Book of Eli
He wants the Bible...but not because you or I might want one. He wants to rule with it. He almost gets his way, if it hadn't been for God's soldier, Eli. Gary Oldman is always excellent!

The Architect
The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
He is cold, stoic, and utterly without feeling. What did you think he was, human?

Carver Doone
Lorna Doone
Classically evil, eminently hate-able...Carver Doone vs. John Ridd is one of my favorite good vs. evil pairs in film.

Col. Hans Landa
Inglourious B*****ds
This was a messed up movie, for sure. Beyond Tarantino's bizarre twisting, it's even inferred that Hitler is assassinated.... The only good parts of this film had this guy in them. Not merely your usual evil Nazi...he talks, and talks, and talks, and boy is he creepy! Good acting, that.

This lesser-known movie (due to it being Korean) is one of my favorites. Sin is a bad, bad guy, it is true, but why he made this list (besides the fact that it's once again Jang Dong-Gun)? His words: "If anything happens to my sister...I'll cut your throat."

Anyone else want to try?


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Horrible Histories

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Horrible Histories is a British sort of comedy skit (although I know little else about it) centering around subjects in history. It's basically comedy exclusively for history buffs--brilliant! If you understand the jokes and want to laugh your butts off, take a look at some of my favorites.

Having fun yet?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Spencer's Idea of...

I've decided to try out a new blog series, likely ongoing, just for fun. It amuses me myself, knowing that with just about everything, I have a different outlook than most people. Be it from politics to movies, science to a new piece of technology, art to clothing, Spencer likely has something unique, unusual, strange, or downright barbaric to say. Without trying to be arrogant, you have to admit I, what I say, and this blog are...well, unique, right?

So I thought I'd amuse myself, and perhaps my readers, with a new series: "Spencer's idea of...."

Today's topic: the United Nations!

Spencer's idea of the UN is ancient Greece in the time of Alexander the Great. With all of the city-states (poleis) united into one Greek nation (all done with military force, mind you), it was time for a little "aggressive expansion". Alexander then used the "United Nations" to begin conquering the known world.

Yup. The UN is a war machine. :-)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Time - New Dystopian Sci-Fi Flick

I don't know about you, but this one looks pretty exciting to me! (Sans Timberlake and what appears to be possible sex scenes, of course.) I'm loving the idea of time as money--works well for a dystopian story, one of my favorite genres of all time. I could see this potentially coming about, in small ways (likely never as completely as in this piece, but then again, that's my usual approach to all dystopias--I tend to believe a little of each of them is soon coming).

One, I loved the director's other film Gattaca (which, by the way, everyone should see as it's a chillingly accurate vision of the future), and I also enjoy Cillian Murphy's work (and do I see a leather trench?). I also see in this trailer a small view of the future (as something seems to be imbedded in their arms). A day will come when we have no IDs, no cash or credit cards, no papers; it will all be installed on a little chip that is inserted in the body (likely on small children, perhaps even infants at birth). This chip will also surely serve as a tracking device, and, who knows, perhaps a form of control as well (I'm thinking perhaps some sort of stun or a nervous system shutdown option, just to make it easier for them to come and "apprehend" you if they so choose).

But just about any new dystopia is something I'll check out, pretty much. What do you guys think?

Courtesy of Comic-Con 2011.


Friday, July 22, 2011

CNN: Police: At least 87 dead in mass shooting, bombing in Norway

My usual thoughts come to mind. Sadness and prayers, questions as to who committed the heinous acts, and my usual "If someone had been armed...."


Thursday, July 21, 2011

News post!

It's been a while since I've done one of these, therefore some of these articles are going to be a bit "old"--sorry about that.  It's still good information.

The Obama Food Police are Coming for Your Kids

Obama's Food Police in Staggering Crackdown on Market to Kids

Government Mandated Food is Next

Amish Milk: The Latest Target of the Obama Regulatory State

FBI Can Go Through Your Trash

Is Google spying for NSA?

The UN is After Your Guns

Children Will Soon Be Able to Haul Their Parents Before a UN Tribunal

Now It’s the Law! California Schools Must Push Homosexuality

NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Same-Sex Marriage Into Law

Cisco Fires Marriage Defender Frank Turek – Latest Victim of Homosexual Intolerance

Support traditional marriage? 'You're dead'

'Gay' group seeks apology from So. Baptists

U.N. rights forum proclaims equal gay rights

Senate sanctioning 'sodomy'?

Bishop takes on education reform with A-PLUS Act

Astonishing lawsuit: Make exposé vanish

Delta adopts Saudi 'no-Jew' fly policy

U.S. chaplains vetted by Muslim who condemns Jewish 'trickery'

NBC dumps 'under God' from Pledge at U.S. Open
Government Cannot Be Trusted To Police Itself

Dying Woman Undergoes Additional TSA Security Screening, Says Family

Scripture verses too much for Calif. school

Returning GI’s Viral Vid Complains of Delta Charging Them $2,800 Baggage Fees

'Nazi' police 'kidnap' woman at town hall

Michelle Obama: ‘Fortunately We Have Help From the Media’

Offensive Bumper Sticker? Say Hello to a $50 Fine

German parliament OKs genetic embryo tests

Morning Bell: Obama’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

U.S. aid funneled to al-Qaida?

First Thermal Footage from a BFRO Expedition


Today in 1861...

...150 years ago, the Battle of First Manassas (or, Bull Run), was fought, resulting in a Confederate victory.

"There Stands Jackson Like a Stone Wall", by Mort Kunstler

I'm certainly hoping I don't have detail it all for you--you do have a book or something you can go read that will tell you about this battle...right? ;-P

So here's a question for you (answer without cheating, kiddies!): what was the first battle of the war?


Old Virginia Blog: Now We Know Why Leftists Hate The American Flag

This is very interesting....


Victorinox Vote & Win Watch Giveaway

This is interesting; vote for your favorite project (to be funded, I am assuming?) and get entered in a drawing for a spiffy man watch!


P.S. I voted for the fish net, what about you guys?

Prayer Request

If you can please pray for the friends I spoke about last time. Unfortunately, it would seem that the event we tried to stop with our prayers came anyway. Please pray for their comfort, and for them to draw closer to God--I know that I can't do anything to help, and He's the only one who can.

Thank you all,


Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

I often wait until a trailer comes out to get too excited for a movie.

K, I'm excited now!

Take a look at it; you might want to do so before continuing to read my words, as they are "spoiler-y". It's short, and has a few clips from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, including voice-overs from Ras al-Ghul.

What makes a fan like me freak is seeing Commissioner Gordon in a hospital bed (and clearly seriously injured--Bane?), and hearing Bruce Wayne's voice in the background, talking to him about Batman needing to return (apparently Batman is "gone"?). (Serious fans of the first two films will be able to tell that this is NOT Batman's voice, but Bruce Wayne's--which begs the question, does Gordon know of Bruce's/Batman's secret?)

"We were in this together," Gordon says, "and then you were gone." He then says something about "evil rises", and "The Batman has to come back."

Bruce: "What if he doesn't exist anymore?"

Gordon then says, "He must...he must." (At least I think that's what he says).

We then see a shot of an obviously, let's say, beat up Batman backing away, and Bane stalking into the screen...and then that's it.

While all this really is is a "teaser" as it's being rightfully called, it's still given me some fan food for thought already, perhaps in an unexpected way: the score.

As my readers should know, I'm a massive fan of Hans Zimmer, and his other two soundtracks for these films are some of the best ever done, in my opinion. The soundtrack to Batman Begins was animalistic and intense. When he did The Dark Knight, the intensity remained but the animal qualities were traded in for an almost technological, machine-like sound. I've been trying to figure out just what he had in store the third time around. I have to admit, I didn't figure on this.

Listen to the sequence when Batman is backing away from Bane. Do you hear that? Still intense, yes, but what other element does it have that the first two did not?

The human element! A choir--and no cheesy choir, mind you. It's about as intense a choir as I've ever heard. And come to think of it, after animalistic and technological, what else is there to do? This is perfect! I've already watched the trailer a few times just to hear the music in that portion. Well, ladies and gentleman, we can fairly assume that Mr. Zimmer has, once more, done it again!

On other notes, I'm so excited to have Bane (will he ever say in the movie, "I will breeaaaak yoooouuu!!"?) as I've been begging for him since the first one came out (literally), but I hope it doesn't get messed up with Catwoman (uggh), and the title is lame, in my opinion (the first two titles were amazing--why this cheap redux?). Anyhow, you have to wonder what the heck they did to poor Tom Hardy, and if he will ever recover, to make him look like such a monster. (And a PS on my part demands NO SEX!)

This should be interesting.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

ATF wants Mexican gun cartels armed... that's the only conclusion that we can logically make about these events. (Check out my friend Gravelbelly's post on it, see title link.) It makes you wonder, just how low can they go? But perhaps a better question is, why?


Friday, July 15, 2011

WARSKYL: Defend Your Children from Big Pharma

...vaccine[s]...grown in human fetal tissue....

This is something you simply must read.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Favorite Movie Heroes

Well, I did my favorite movies a while back, why not some of my favorite movie characters?

The possibilities are endless, so I decided to limit it to primary characters (in other words, so I wouldn't list the "manly Viking in background" or something like that), and men, only (sorry, ladies--your favorite movie heroines is a post for you to do, not me!). I also decided to only cover fictional characters (which means Patton from Patton, Stonewall Jackson from Gods and Generals, Doc Holliday from Tombstone, and Ip Man from Ip Man are all out unfortunately). This is just an off-the-cuff just-for-fun post, so it's by no means all-inclusive nor in any great order either. (Please also note that I cannot and do not endorse all the below movies, all the actions of said characters, the actors, etc.) So let's start, shall we?

Batman / Bruce Wayne
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
One of my favorite parts of these movies is watching Bruce develop--from a wandering soul into, literally, a driven warrior. Far from mere comic book silliness, these two (perhaps soon to be three?) films give us endless food for thought on a number of manly topics--namely, manliness! Repeatedly and endlessly, he puts the needs of others over his, is willing to risk and give his life, even his good name, for the good of the people he serves. Beyond manly. (Did I mention that he beats up bad guys?)

Neo / Thomas Anderson
The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
Setting aside his own life, Neo sets out to free the human race, to fight for the people he loves and cares about, to destroy the machines, and he wears black and looks beyond awesome doing it. While perhaps not the most chest-pounding character you've ever seen, when he's in his confident warrior mode, it works well. Besides, watching a man in a trenchcoat and shades fight evil with everything from guns to swords, or even his bare hands, will always be a thousand times more beautiful and artistic to me than even the Mona Lisa could ever be.

Cleric John Preston
Sure, you may condemn him in the beginning of the film, but that's the point. This dystopian tale is also a tale of personal growth and, in a way, discovery of identity. No longer was he a puppet of the totalitarian state, a pawn-like instrument of destruction. No, he became an instrument of destruction--his way! This means more epic manliness as Preston fights for everything in the entire world (from freedom, to the innocent, even to the women he loves) and with his black coat and guns, he looks great doing it. (Another plus for me, but perhaps not intended by the filmmakers, was how he learned to control himself--namely, that wayward monster, emotion.) As usual, another great manly-character from Christian Bale.

John Connor
Terminator: Salvation
This reworking of the weak kid-portrayal of Connor as seen in T3 is pretty much marvelous. Again driven by Bale, we have a manly man who is again fighting for everything in the world. He's a strong warrior who is almost Churchillian in his refusal to give up. Even after many years, he still heeds advice and reminds himself of the vision of his dead mother. He loves his wife, he loves his men, and he's willing to die for the cause. He looks like a man, and he acts like a man. What's more, he hates machines! What more could Spencer ask for?

The Book of Eli
Ah, Eli! Here's another cinematic gem of a character! In one of my favorite genres (post-apocalyptic) we have a man who tries to do the right thing in the face of a world fallen from anything even near decency. He's committed to God (literally) and also learns from his mistakes in how he deals with people. While again I don't condone all of his actions, him learning from them is part of the point of the film. While I'm not a serious fan of Denzel, he does always give a good, reliable performance, and we see that here. And heck, he cuts people up with a machete. C'mon! Manliness!

Bryan Mills
Don't mess with this dude's daughter, or're gonna die! Liam Neeson is great as the ex-some-sort-of-government-special-agent who loves his daughter above everything else in the world. While clearly flawed (divorced, though we are given more than a few hints it wasn't really his fault), his relentless pursuit of his "taken" daughter is beyond manly. With the exception of my two moral quibbles in my review here, I'd do everything he did and perhaps more. To boot, he wears a leather trenchcoat and walks around with a look that says, "Would you like to die?"

John Lee
The Replacement Killers
I'd recommend that you watch the deleted scenes to this movie at least once, otherwise the story and especially the character of Lee are not fully understandable. [Spoiler warning!] The reality is, Lee may be an assassin, but he does his work to protect his mother and sister. When he's given the target of a young boy, he finds he cannot do the job. All that he has to turn to is more violence--this time, against the mob boss that had formerly been his employer. That's one of my favorite movie themes--killin' with a cause! Not your average action flick, rather a redemptive tale, especially on the part of Lee (and also on the part of Mira Sorvino's character, Meg Coburn), and otherwise unique as well. He also looks cool while he's killin', too (while perhaps not something for real life, it works in movies).

Mad Max Rockatansky
Sure, he's flawed, but why I like Max is because of the good that is in him. When his wife and child were murdered the event turned him into "Mad" Max, to be sure, but he's still one of the good guys (from helping the refinery clan, risking life and limb for a band of children, and even refusing to kill Blaster, whom he discovers is mentally retarded). Besides, it's post-apocalyptic, and he looks great in those cowhides!

Hawkeye and Uncas
The Last of the Mohicans
Why I chose two characters this time is because they both fill pretty much the same role in the movie (as in respect to manliness, not overall, of course). You mess with their women, they'll shoot you with their muskets, or hack you apart with their tomahawks, or cut you up with their knives. It's as simple as that. [Spoiler warning!] Uncas dies like a man, too--just the way to go! (Might I also mention the extremely manly end of the minor character, Duncan.)

John Ridd
Lorna Doone
Don't take my word for it--just go and watch this movie! [Spoiler warning!] He sets aside his own personal desires (namely, revenge for the murder of his father) to take care of his family, and then when he meets his woman, he fights for her against the classic villain Carver Doone. Even when he has his chance to murder Carver, he still refuses to take his revenge. A character who does his duty and exercises control--very manly!

Van Zan
Reign of Fire
He kills dragons, carries an axe, rides a tank, [Spoiler warning!] dies like a man, and is dressed in post-apoc garb. Are you beginning to notice a pattern? (Not to slight the also very manly characters of Quinn Abercromby, played by Christian Bale, and Creedy, played by Gerard Butler.)

Lee Jin-tae
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War
The older yet uneducated brother to a younger, weaker, brainier sibling, this movie is a brutal tale of the Korean War, and more specifically, what war does to a person. I find Jin-tae more interesting than Jin-seok (who's something of a whiny wimp)--sure, Jin-tae [Spoiler warning!] is so torn by what happens to him and those around him that he defects to the Communist North, but in the end, he comes back (dying whilst machine-gunning down attacking North Koreans, in one of my favorite scenes from the film). I also love the actor, Jang Dong-Gun. Always deep and manly. *pounds chest*

The Last Samurai
While this movie makes a mess of history, I just can't not love this gruff, grumpy samurai who knows who's boss (i.e., he is). Watching him train is great, watching him lead others is good too. Watching him kill scads of ninja is beyond amazing, and watching him refuse to give up, [Spoiler warning!] even when he is already on the verge of death, is also great stuff. I think that in one part he says in Japanese, "Who's your daddy?", except I can't speak Japanese so I'm not sure.... ;-P

Professor Tanner
Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real
A strange choice, you say? Not to Spencer! Check out this little gem of a "docu-drama" and you'll see why this daring, more-bucking scientist is manly. He's manly because, well, he bucks the mores and he's daring (enough to say and do what others in academia will not)! These are themes I will forever appreciate. Oh, and did I mention he's a paleontologist (with a penchant for dragons, of course)? It is all this that makes me forgive his long hair and un-Spencerish clothing. :-) (Sorry the picture isn't better, he's the one on the left FYI.)

And why don't I go ahead and do some TV shows too?

Commander William Adama
Battlestar Galactica
While far from perfect, this guy is freaking amazing. One of those strong, stubborn military-type personalities, this is the kind of guy you'd charge the gates of Hell for if he ordered you to do it. He does his duty, refuses to give up, even to seemingly insurmountable odds, and he also loves his crew, a definite requirement in my opinion. So let's raise our glass of ambrosia while we give Adama a hearty, "So say we all!"

Jake Green
Beset by circumstances out of his control (only one being his father's disregard), Jake is one of the few men who step up to the plate and get their hands dirty after a TEOTWAWKI event hits the United States. His sense of duty, of right and wrong, and his unending willingness to go the extra mile to do what he should, is more than most males can claim of themselves these days. He stands out from the crowd (and that isn't merely because of his brother, "Dudley Do-Wrong", either).

Malcolm Reynolds
Firefly, Serenity
Despite his many flaws (only one being his grouchiness sometimes tending towards unkindness), Mal is still a manly man. He'll fight for his crew, [Spoiler warning!] he won't quit resisting the totalitarian Alliance, and he's willing to die to save his crew. And if you insult an escort whom he happens to like, he'll happily duel you to the death, knowing he's going to die in the process. Why? Because that's just Mal--he does what he does, no matter what.

Nick Cutter
[Spoiler warning!] It's rather telling when a show begins to fall apart after the main character actor (Douglas Henshall, playing scientist Nick Cutter) leaves. Despite that, the first two seasons have him in all his manly glory. While Series 1 is the strongest, you see him work through incredibly trying circumstances in Series 2 (as well as wear all black!). He may be the scientist, he make call the brain-boggle shots, but he's still get up and go when lives are on the line. Come to think of it, at the end....

Who else would like to join me and do this on their own blogs?


Terrorist Attack in Mumbai

WARSKYL: Terror Threat to U.S. Churches

Take heed, brothers and sisters.


The Dark Knight Rises Poster

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm STILL waiting for everyone's comments on my knife post. Only two readers obliged me so far!


Saturday, July 09, 2011

Prayer Request

Not for me this time, but for close friends. I can't say what, but please pray for them. I am calm and at peace, believing all will be well, but still, I'd want people to pray for me had I found this in front of me.

My thanks to you,


Sunday, July 03, 2011

Today in 1863...

...was the final day of the battle of Gettysburg. While we're on the subject, do any readers who might be ACW buffs have any thoughts on the importance of Gettysburg or 1863 in general to the outcome of the war?


So many different knives! Which would you choose?

I've been thinking lately about this subject. Sure, to most people a knife is just a knife, nothing more. To me, knives are a way of life (a big part of my life anyway), and the different styles and kinds of knives are endless. If I were a rich man, I'm sure I'd have more knives that I could even count. I like many different kinds, but I have an overriding style preference that comes out in my own knife choices. Take a look at some of my most-used knives.

Boker Plus Jim Wagner Reality-Based Blade, folding with serrated edge and tanto point

Boker Plus Jim Wagner Reality-Based Blade Urban Survival

CRKT K.I.S.S. in the Dark, straight edge

Gerber EVO Jr.

Spyderco Firebyrd

See a pattern? They're functional! (And black, if at all possible.) I love each of them and have specific uses for each one.

The massive Jim Wagner one is practically an extension of my own body, it's almost always with me and she is my trusty sidekick. I decided to spend the $100 on this one for one reason only--I wanted a knife I could trust my life, and the lives of my loved ones with (without breaking my budget--my first choice, Kelly McCann's $400 Blackhawk design, was far out of my pricerange--and another contender at the time, Boker's Applegate-Fairbairn knives, were nixed because they were fixed blades--preferable to me but legally more difficult to carry). This was my choice, and I've never spent a better $100, let me tell you! A heavy, sturdy workhorse is all I can call this baby (and I could go on and on...but I won't, for your sakes! ;-D). Stylistically, it's a beautiful masterpiece that suits my tastes very, very well. I went with the folding knife (and not the fixed blade) largely due to legal issues, the serrations because I love them and prefer them practically, and the tanto point, well, because I love tanto points!

The smaller Jim Wagner, although in my opinion too short (too short to be a pen and particularly too short for my hands--two-handed opening is therefore necessary because of this, a tactical negative), is still a useful back-up for situations when a heavy, bulky knife is hard to carry (in such situations, for me this knife is filling the gap voided by the lack of the above knife and therefore is in use as a self-defense weapon). Extra props that it can be much more convincing as a pen than my other Wagner knife (they come with either glass breaker or pen cap tips, removable and interchangeable).

The CRKT money clip knife was something I knew I just had to have the first time I laid eyes on it. It's an amazing little work of art, my only quibble being that the clip is so tight that it's hard to get things under it (I suppose that's better than dropping your cash!). I opted for no serrations, even though I usually prefer them, due to the fact that the kind of use and carry this knife would be dealing with, I thought a non-snagging smooth edge would be a bit more efficient.

When I went about deciding what knife would fill the void I'd been having trouble with--namely, the void of a tool that was relatively inexpensive yet still high-quality (nice enough for me to want to carry it but not so pricey as for me not to use it for every dirty task I find it useful in), I went to Gerber. Perhaps not the most prized knives in all the world, but my experience with them has been nothing but pleasing. I chose the EVO Jr. for a few reasons. It was a folder, not a fixed blade like the Midi-scale (and therefore easier to carry), it wasn't a tanto point (I decided a tanto point wouldn't be ideal for tool usage in this particular case even considering my undying love of them), and it wasn't nearly as big as the original EVO. Perfect to slip in my already-packed left pocket as a tool-only knife (my right pocket being occupied by my self-defense knife).

And last but not least, the Spyderco Firebyrd! Marvelous in concept and efficient enough in execution, the plus-side of going after a member of the Byrd line from Spyderco is that you don't have to pay the expensive prices that normal Spyderco blades run for. True, the quality is a little less, but I have no big issues with this knife. My only quibble is that the blade does not lock--not too good if you're going to be risky with your fingers, but fine if you're careful with what and how you're cutting; I understand the difficulty of attempting to work in a locking mechanism in what is already a bulky design. But come on, who doesn't want to carry fire and cold steel in one package?

My next knife purchase will likely be this hard-looking little charmer girl. I'm planning on getting the survival kit attachments, and can anyone guess what color I'll snag?

So you see, you can tell a lot about people through their choices in knives! How "Spencerian" were the paragraphs above? Intensely so!

Come on, now, I have to ask you all to humor me for just a little while. I'm dying to know, really I am! What kind of knife would you choose? If you have one, what is it? Do you like it? Would you replace it with one that better suits your needs? If you don't have one, what would you go for first?

For the purposes of this study, let's forget about prices and all that and just tell me what you would use and what you like. I promise, it'll be fun! So do me this little favor, and make this blogger happy by making this post a success!

If you need the help, here's just a few knifemakers off the top of my head. Browse, and comment with a link to your favorites (as many or as few as you like)! (Please note, while I assume all of them provide good quality blades, I can only speak for a few models from even fewer companies, so this is not an endorsement.)

Cold Steel
Victorinox Swiss Army

Let the games begin!


Friday, July 01, 2011

Alcohol, Movies, and Other Toxins by Geoffrey Botkin

Not only does this article help explain why Christians should not flee from working with movies or other media, it tells the amazing story of Guinness. (Yes, that Guinness!) Nearly enough to make me want to start drinking it...almost.


Black Belt: Samurai Facts vs. Samurai Myths and Legends

A very good two-part series by Jon Sattler on samurai swords--a breath of fresh air from the usual Hollywood-ized hogwash. Part one, and part two.


Police brutality...incurred by "disrespect"

It appears you need twenty different cops to make sure that a disabled 17-year-old kid is subdued due to his accidental verbal "disrespect". Oh, and don't forget the part where they taze, pepper spray, and beat him up!

Beware--we better not "disrespect" any coppers out there!