Friday, June 10, 2011

They come for me

If I could please ask for your prayers friends, once again.

The situation I have been alluding to might be over--only with the worst ending possible. I have spent years working against this. It is a war that almost entirely consumes me. It is what I live for.

Tonight events played out, and it is now more than likely that Monday I will finally lose the war. After such an event, there is precious little likelihood of me being able to maintain the fight.

Please pray for me, please pray even harder for cause I am fighting for (I would willingly give my life for it, here and now), and please pray to God and ask Him to send His humble warrior-servant some back-up, because I can't do this alone.

They come for me. Demons! Do they not know who my commander is?



Joel the Immerser said...

Wow. :-\ You got it, mate!

Nathan said...

Prayers for you, and I know they'll be heard! The Lord knows you and He knows your situation; whatever doors may close, windows will open. Godspeed. :)

Katherine Sophia said...

Hey Spencer, I just want to let you know my prayers are with you, whatever you are going through. And even when we loose... our King never does. May He be with you now!

olde.fashioned said...

I love you. <3

The Warrior said...

Thank you all.

Hannah Jane said...

I'll be praying.