Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mad 2012!

I kid you not my friends. I am beyond stoked! (And I just was lamenting the lack of a newer addition to the series just a couple of weeks ago....)

"Night rider!!!"


P.S. I know what I'll be wearing to the midnight showing....

Blogging Stasis

I've again decided, at least for the time being, to try to continue with blogging as usual. I'm trying to keep myself in some form of normalness; many thanks to those who have helped me from entirely flipping my helmet.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Update

After carefully reviewing my position, it looks like I have 2 (maybe, maybe 3) months before The End. That's at least moderate news. However, my position continues to be dangerous and tactically ill-advised. I need a victory, and ASAP. I've displaced/fallen back far too many times the past few years. It would be nice to succeed for once, and push forward. Drive them back!

I need to win this battle, so I can continue in the war. What follows is many, many battles, a good deal of them expected to be far uglier than this one. It matters not; what matters is that I want in on it.

I always find watching Patton encouraging. I did so a couple of months ago. I'm now reminded of the scene, "An entire world at war, and I'm left out of it?!?! God will not permit this to happen! I'm going to be allowed to fulfill my destiny!" A world may not be at war, it is true. But the entire universe is at war instead, as it has been since Lucifer's rebellion in Heaven. This isn't a war of men, armies, or nations. It is a war of finality in its foretold and consummate conclusion. For now, it is all that there is. God vs. Satan. Good vs. Evil. Don't you want to be a part of that? I do. (After all, He did die for me and all my many screw-ups, now and in future, so it's only proper that I swear allegiance unto Him and fight in His army, don't you think?)

If I can win this battle, then I can continue picking off the obstacles that oppose me, one by one. It's taken me years to even subsist in the stasis that now has been removed from me. I want progression. I want purpose. (Agent Smith, anyone?) Like Patton, I want to "fulfill my destiny". God chose my destiny; therefore, following this path is in line with God's will. It may not always go about like I plan it or want it to (i.e., like right now!), but the war is our destiny, whatever part we take in it.

True, they came for me. But if I can win here, get back on my feet, and start campaigning again...I'll come for them.

(Prayers, please--that I may win here and now, in my next battles hereafter, and in what I call the War of Final Definition. Don't worry about what it is right now; you'll know it when you see it.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Happened

I lost....

I no longer know what to do. I have finally lost this battle, one I have fought for years now. It's over. I have completely and utterly failed. If it was just me it wouldn't matter...but it isn't just me.

If I can't turn this around in a matter of a few weeks, it'll all be over. For good.


P.S. May I ask you to please pray?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Killzone 3 PS3 Trailer

I don't know anything about this game, the first two, or any single bit surrounding it. All I have to say is, this is one good trailer, and it's a shame it isn't a movie instead.


The attack never came

Perhaps Persians are cowards. Perhaps they couldn't attack. Perhaps God stopped them. Either way, the tide of Medes has been halted, at least for now. As I don't expect a conquering army to be this easily dissuaded, I still appreciate any prayers you might have for me, and if you do pray, please also add a request for me to be able to attack first (and successfully).

Also, thank you all so very much for your prayers and support. Perhaps that is what stopped it.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This isn't really a stalemate

Still no word.

I wonder if it will come later, or not at all? This is fairly confusing--not that I'm complaining, mind you. Prayers still appreciated.


Dieneces ! I try to be

I fought in the shade the entire day. Well, in all other ways perhaps, less the comfort.

No word. No news. No nothing. This isn't necessarily a good thing, neither is it necessarily bad. It simply means nothing, or at least nothing I can know. It could really mean anything from deliberate strategy to a lack of supplies, a poor oracular reading, or even truly nothing. My situation is, therefore, the same, which means I still need your prayers please, and especially prayers for the cause.

I remain in my position--the Hot Gates. There I will stand, until victory or, what is more likely, a more Anopaean fate is realized.

Tell the ______, stranger passing by, that here obedient to my laws I lie! (My apologies to Simonides.)

Please pray.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


...I go "face" the enemy. My preparations are finished. I have nothing else to do but meet them on the field. Wish it to God that it was an actual field....

Please remember me in your prayers early tomorrow morning, tonight if the time is better for you. I'm sorry to ask for the millionth time, but I need all the "back-up"/divine intervention I can get. Too bad there's nothing I can "do", because it's do or "die".

Here we go....


The Battle of San Juan LEGO?

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!


How Sen No Rikyu Used the Japanese Tea Ceremony for Samurai Training

For those interested in the subject, check out this fascinating article from Black Belt. It contains a different outlook on samurai and their association with tea. Fascinating!


Friday, June 10, 2011

They come for me

If I could please ask for your prayers friends, once again.

The situation I have been alluding to might be over--only with the worst ending possible. I have spent years working against this. It is a war that almost entirely consumes me. It is what I live for.

Tonight events played out, and it is now more than likely that Monday I will finally lose the war. After such an event, there is precious little likelihood of me being able to maintain the fight.

Please pray for me, please pray even harder for cause I am fighting for (I would willingly give my life for it, here and now), and please pray to God and ask Him to send His humble warrior-servant some back-up, because I can't do this alone.

They come for me. Demons! Do they not know who my commander is?


Thursday, June 09, 2011

AB 144 Passes Committee and now will move to Appropriations.

Please see this post by a fellow open carry advocate. Remember, all is not lost for California yet, this is where the bill was defeated last year.

Molon Labe!


Obama's New(est) War: Yemen

What is it that Mr. Obama wants?

Bush was considered a monster for starting two wars. Obama has continued the same two, and begun two little ones now. But Obama is God! Oh, how dare I forget.

This is clear scheming; Obama, if not a full Muslim himself (" Muslim faith..."), is very pro-Islam. So what are his purposes in these actions?

While unfortunately I can't say for sure what is going on (Do you really think I trust the media? And besides, it's "secret"!) if we take it at face value...perhaps to create a situation of "Jihad" backlash against America? Just by going how he behaves with issues here at home, it's clear to me one of his strongest, most abiding traits is an absolute hatred of America and everything good about her, so...I don't have difficulty buying this one.

On the other hand, it is also worthwhile to revisit the analyses of the reason behind the Libyan conflict, here by Glenn Beck, and here by my friend Gravelbelly.

Keep your eyes peeled, boys.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

California AB 144: Open Carry Ban

You may remember AB 1934 being struck down last year. So, they try to do it again.

I need not claim any special rights in order to speak as such, being man, created in the image of God. I do not ask, I do not beg, I do not plead. The nice talk is over. I am ordering.

Cease and desist!

Molon Labe!

67 years ago....

Now pay we homage.