Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who wouldn't want their own entrance music?

Oh, booyah! I LOVE this! I've felt this way for I don't know how many years. I'm not alone! Double booyah!

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. How about a theme song/entrance music post? Then I'll just tag you all, muhahahaaa!

In the meantime, here is one of my favorite entrance themes. (Forgive the profanity.) Or perhaps this? Oh oh oh, I know! THIS one here (at 5:10). And we were just discussing this, here. I can't help but think, how much a better place this world would be if the entrance music of my choice blasted from unseen speakers everywhere I went. *sigh* What a difficult life I many sacrifices.



Lizzy said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious!
I have no idea what my theme song would be. I'm not cool and awesome like you, so the awesome epicness of most entrance music would be an utter and complete waste. ;P
I shall have to go on the quest to find the perfect entrance music for a small Russian. (I'll admit, I have always dreamed of having my own. LOL! ;P)

And you know which one I'd pick of the three... TRON rules!

The Warrior said...

I'm not cool and awesome like you

So if I'm cool and awesome, don't you think I can recognize cool awesomeness? Yup, that's right. :-D

So let's come up with a theme/entrance song for you. You gotta help me out though...any ideas? Speaking of Tron, how about this?

It was the Siren theme, so would that work? Is Gem's entrance theme ok? :-)

Or something from Lorna Doone or something like that? Batman Begins? Or how about Track 10 here?

LOL! It's better than Track 5!


The Warrior said...

Or wait, Lizzy how about this?

Or this?

Help me out here, or I'm gonna keep picking manly music!

The Warrior said...

Or dat one?

Lizzy said...

Hahah! I love the Tron one... and I kinda like the 13th Warrior one too. :D

But no... I've found mine... and it's perfect.

First off, I thought I'd pick this one: (perfect for the small Russian, right? but nooo...)

Then Mom picked this one:
*laughs at The Spencer's expression upon reading the title of above vid*

But then, I settled on this:
(Because I'm just that cool.)

Yup, that's my official theme/entrance song. ;P Perfect, right?

olde.fashioned said...

Why does a person need a theme song? I'm sorry but I would find that rather annoying--everyone would know the instant you entered a room, and Spencer, I'm appalled at your lack of regard for the element of surprise!! How is one to surprise one's opponents if they are automatically aware of your presence???

Jonas said...

Haha, lovely post, Spencer, I've also felt this way forever, I'd so totally have this playing everytime I entered a room! :D

The Warrior said...

Lizzy: ROTFL! I realized I'd forgotten to give you the HfRO theme a couple hours later...perfect!

Did you realize that the last two videos are the same in your links? K, I'm hoping that was an accident.... ;-P

And yes, my face would have been satisfying to you no doubt.

OF: Silly! One, they likely don't realize that it's my theme song/never connected the dots between it playing and me entering, and two, I decide when to use it--which means I can opt for ninja music when I need to be sneaky (i.e. no music lol).

As you see, I have it all figured out. :-D


Lizzy said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! Whoops. YES that was an accident. LOL! *diez*

THIS is my final theme song: (because I'm just THAT cool) ;P

Nathan said...

And the award for making my whole entire day today goes to... Jonas! Haha, Well played, my friend!

As for my theme music... expect a dedicated blog post in the near future.

Nathan said...

Okay, so just in case I don't get to it on my blog, I thought about it and think this would be my standard entrance music:

But I may visit the subject in my own blogging anyway, maybe expound a little more. We'll see. :)

The Warrior said...

Jonas: HA! THAT'S a cool entrance song!

Lizzy: Oh gosh Lizzy...well, at least it's ten times better than the OTHER one you had picked. ;-P

Maybe I should just use this then? It would at least provoke the appropriate response in my enemies. :-D

Nathy: I be waitin' bro!


The Warrior said...

P.S. I want a song with an organ!!!