Monday, May 02, 2011

A nightmare for you is an escape for me

Last night--or this morning, rather--I had a dream. This is the first dream that I've actually enjoyed in years. All I have are nightmares anymore.

What's funny to me is, this is probably most other people's idea of a nightmare, and here I woke up all pleased!

The dream began in the thick of it. I was some sort of knight, I believe. It was night, and I was part of a force assaulting some kind of fortress (mostly wooden, but some of the interior was perhaps stone, so maybe it was just a castle). One could only see from the fires that had broken out. The battle was coming to an end. The enemy had black surcoats. I don't know what color ours were.

I think it was late, date-wise (if dreams even have "dates"). I wore mostly plate armor, as did my foes (Gothic if I am not mistaken). I had picked up a great axe, or rather something of a halberd, also of a late look. In dreams, I am often slow and sluggish because my body is tired in the real world, and here it was quite annoying. But I was mad. Very, very mad. Enraged, perhaps.

I picked off the remaining knights and men-at-arms, one by one. I cut them to ribbons. I hacked arms off, cut open torsos, destroyed heads, limbs, and any bit of body I could find to maul. I cut so many down I don't even remember them all. I killed countless, slashing through them like so many clumps of butter. Like I said, I was angry. Most are a blur; I only really remember one in any detail. I'd hit him somehow, and he had fallen with his back to me, still in a sitting position of sorts. I brought my blade down on his shoulder, only a few inches away from his neck. His arm disappeared in an instant, and a red, ragged stump was all that remained. (Off topic: strangely I remember little blood.)

Once the "fortress" was taken, inside we discovered an inner chamber that held some of what we had come for. Here's where the dream became strange, k? Inside this chamber was a man, his wife, and his two small children, held prisoners (they were our friends somehow). Either this man, or I myself, was literally Beowulf! Here the dream took a "barbaric" turn (i.e., everyone looked like a barbarian or Viking, not like a member of the 1400's chivalry). (Also off-topic: large, spindly spiders scurried around the floor.)

The dream ended. We had won the battle, freed our friend, and I'd sent more of my enemies to hell than I even knew. Whether I was "Beowulf" or not matters little. For me, sometimes I wish things really were this simple. Instead of living life as it is today, I'd far prefer to have my troubles take the form of physical men, and then I could go and fight my enemies and kill them with a sharpened edge. Then at least I'd be done with my battles. Right?



Joel the Immerser said...

"Instead of living life as it is today, I'd far prefer to have my troubles take the form of physical men, and then I could go and fight my enemies and kill them with a sharpened edge. Then at least I'd be done with my battles. Right?"
I know what you're talking about, mate; I identify completely...

olde.fashioned said...

Geez, how come you get to have a fun medieval dream?? :P :P :P LOL, seriously, I've had a few, and they're almost the best, I think. ;)

If you were like Patton you'd be telling us you WERE Beowulf.

The Warrior said...

Joel: It would be simpler, now wouldn't it? :-)

Gravelbelly said...

I would not classify that dream as a nightmare. Not even close.

It gave you what you needed -- a taste of victory -- at a critical time.

I also understand what you mean about life being simpler, but in reality the olden days were not that simple, either. They had politics, social conformity, and consequences, just like today.

Occasionally, life becomes very simple when you are put in a position where all consequences are equally bad, no matter what course you choose. The movie Defiance offers an example of such a situation. Then you have the freedom to do what you know is right, and not worry about it.

The Warrior said...

I don't classify it as a nightmare, either, rather the opposite (I was merely saying most of today's people would be scared of such a scene).

I apologize if I gave the impression that I believed past times to have been somehow easier than times today--what I instead meant is that I wish it were as simple as my dream, in a sense.

Thank you for your thoughts, and for stopping by!