Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lady Gaga: Revisited?

[ADULTS ONLY PLEASE! No direct sexual material is discussed in this post, but due to the subject matter, and the link to my old article, I am impelled to enforce my adults-only policy here, too.]

So you all remember my original massive work on her, don't you? To date, it's been my most popular post of all time (only recently being surpassed in webpage hits by my review of The Matrix).

About a month after my Poker Face review, Gaga's Bad Romance video was released...and I realized that I wasn't yet done with the topic. Now that she's about to release her new album Born This Way, is anyone interested in an update?

Her two newest singles, the title song Born This Way and Judas, are both massively immoral (can you guess in what way, from seeing the titles?), (her newest of the new, The Edge of Glory, I haven't yet analyzed) and with the year and a half past since my initial work on the topic, we've had Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro, countless interviews, and even a biography that I read last fall (that was poorly done). There's plenty of information to be had, and I still have plenty to say.

I thought I was done after mucking about through the muck originally, but I don't think I'm finished. My question is now, are my readers interested in a return to Gagadom? I'm skeptical that my readers appreciate my "work" in this area, but still believe it is greatly important (I've received countless hits on the original article, most from searches--I'm at least getting my message out). I am still unhappy by what is around her--sure, it's her that's is the "big" issue, but I'm consistently frustrated by Christians dabbling in her music, average people not understanding, or not caring to understand, the moral depravity of her material, and, what's most disturbing to me is that so many parents allow and/or encourage child-based fandom of Lady Gaga. (I've seen it more than once, and each time it bothers me more and more.) The little singer/dancer from New York's nightclub scene has attacked all that I hold dear, and I am therefore unkeen on subdued and unresponsive silence.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Lady Gaga is a marvelous artist. She's captivating to the masses, and this is indeed our very problem. I believe she's bringing out her biggest guns for this her new album, and I'm impelled to ask myself: Are my readers looking for more? Can they handle more? Should I disregard the topic for their benefit, or for some other reason? Or should I just "maverick" it and charge ahead?




The Warrior said...

I'm interested in as many reader opinions as I can gather, btw....

olde.fashioned said...

Unless it disgusts you to the point where you'd rather not (I know it can't be fun to have to delve into what you do to research her), I'd say go for it, especially if you're getting high-volume traffic. Not many Christians are willing to take a stand on her music; what does the ever-diluted PluggedIn have to say about her?

I am also alarmed at the number of professing Christians who readily embrace her music, and then deny the existence of certain "meanings" when presented with the evidence... Willful blindness, anyone?

Nathan said...

I think there are several things to consider beyond the desire of the readers. The first thing to do is ask yourself if you really want to spend your time and energy returning to the subject.

Once that is answered, it's important to look at what you have already written and ask yourself what more you could add without merely typing the same review all over again. What new thoughts can you bring to the table? What's actually new that this artist is doing that you could say something about? If all the updated review says is "She's still Lady Gaga, and she's doing more of what Lady Gaga does, so look out," perhaps the most effective thing to do would be linking to your original post (the fact that it continues to receive so many page views is a good sign that you can keep putting it to use). If that's the case, this post itself is a worthy update to the original review.

However, thoughts on a related subject might also be a good use of time, without doing another review of the artist herself. For example, you mentioned your frustration over Christians dabbling in her music. Maybe expound in a post on that specific topic, or another such specific thing. That way you're getting a larger foothold, and it's easier for readers to sort through your material (for instance, on my blog recently I could have written two posts about how much I love nature, but instead I wrote one post about rain and another post on the sun. Both are about my love for nature, but each looks at the subject from a different angle and strengthens what I'm saying.).

But in the end, it boils down to whether you have the time, energy, and desire. The beautiful thing about blogging is that if you want to write about something, you can. But there's my two cents; hopefully it helps you with your decision. :)

guitargirl said...

Personally, I knew I wans't interested in her even before the first review. I don't deny that she's got a good voice, but:

a) Even as a girl, overly-skanky lyrics or performance styles bug me(not judgin, just sayin.)

b) I generally don't like teen dance pop music.

Maybe you could make a review on a good album that's come out lately instead! :D I need some more new tunes...

The Warrior said...

Nathan: Thank you, I will consider your points! But after nearly two years of having this niggling little fly keep on bugging me about this, and now that it's more niggling than ever, I might have to go ahead with it. We shall see!

GG: Uhm...have you heard Christina Perri? Haven't entirely "screened" her album yet, but I've heard all the songs and I'm loving it so far.

olde.fashioned said...

guitargirl: What kind of music do you like? If I know what genres you're into, I might be able to help... If you're not opposed to trying something new, Loreena McKinnett's new album, The Wind That Shakes The Barley is really good from what I've listened to so far!

Lately I've been made aware of She and Him; I haven't done all the research yet, but if you like vintage-y type songs, they're definitely good for that.

Do you like movie soundtracks? What about country music?

(Note that I'm presuming you're already aware of Celtic Woman and Hayley Westenra since Spencer already mentions them often?)

guitargirl said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! :D

TW: I haven't heard of her, but I'll be sure to give her a listen!

OF: One of my best friends is pretty much obsessed with both Hayley and Celtic Woman, so I've heard a little of their stuff. Very pretty! :)

Soundtracks are cool, although I don't actually own very many. I haven't kept up with country music in a while.. Lately I've mostly stuck with rock and roll, 90s music, and grunge. Frequently I also listen to some Scottish music/ bagpipes (Karan Casey and the like.)

The Warrior said...

Gaga's new album was released today (or now looking at the time, technically yesterday). Hmmm....