Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sixth Senses

I was thinking on this subject a bit tonight, just in passing mental reference, and it just reminded me of the other night.

Last week, I went outside late at night to do some business (my usual darkness rounds--you know, slaughter chickens, hunt goblins, and munch on raw, undead trolls and such), and as soon as I stepped outside, I knew something just wasn't right. I could feel it.

I carry a big Maglite with me, because it's pure pitch around my grounds. Covers the fighting stick and illumination problems all at once. So somehow I get the feeling nothing's too bad (as in, I continued without worrying). It was something in nature that was wrong. It wasn't another human, it wasn't something along those lines; it was the animals...or, something. I could tell that something wasn't right with the local nature. I scanned about, also, as is usual. I found a rabbit...hmm, ok, perhaps nothing is wrong? (Like common small prey animals, they make themselves scarce when there is an "event.") I found a black mass around a corner--the local black cat, which is quite possibly a bi-polar cat. (I try to encourage it to take care of the rodents and such, but we've had a testy relationship ever since he scratched me once.) He ran away, rather skittishly, rather unusual--I tried to get him to come back (sometimes he will for me, sometimes he won't--again, I told you he was bipolar). So, perhaps it was all just me. I went about my business.

Something was still wrong...I just couldn't place it, prove it, or anything of the sort. So when all was said and done, I again passed by the corner the cat was hiding in prior...and lo and behold, I saw something where the cat had been sitting. I stepped closer, and shone the light.

A dead, mangled corpse...of a squirrel. A fresh kill...barely eaten, with head nearly severed, organs, especially stomach, hanging out. And a small lizard, inches away.

I had interrupted the cat's kill, which is why it behaved abnormally (even for an abnormal feline). What's more, I had found what was "wrong"--the fresh squirrel kill was surely enough to make habitually nervous little animals on edge. Perhaps what was "wrong" was with the local squirrel population (which is large, let me tell you)--they'd just lost one of their own to a violent death, not common for my little squirrel clan. This, understandably, put them on edge.

I still don't know how, or why, but sometimes, just sometimes, I can sense the strangest things.



The Warrior said...

P.S. In case anyone was wondering, I left the meal, including the gorgeous little male(?) lizard (they have such bright colors during the mating season!), for the cat as my appreciation for the removal of a yard pest. It was finished by morning...and when I tossed away the corpse, the cat brought the same body (now twisted rags of fur and bone, with a skull and big yellow teeth prominent) right back. Cats....

Biff Tanner said...

As long as the dead people don't start talking to you if you can see them.

The Warrior said...

No worries on that score. As I probably should have stated with my title, I am in no way endorsing the film.

Without going too deep, my readers likely already know what I think. You can't "see" dead people since they go to one of two places when they die. So what someone is seeing, if anything, is going to be a demonic spirit (if they're impersonating a once-living person).


olde.fashioned said...