Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Favorite Movies

Screw stressing out, I'm having a fun post today.

As time has progressed, I've been able to have more than just five favorite movies. So let's try to come up with my top ten list, shall we?

Gods and Generals
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War
The Dark Knight
Batman Begins
TRON: Legacy
Red Dawn

You might see that that's only eight. So allow me to ask for my reader's help on this one. What two should go next, out of The Book of Eli, The Replacement Killers, or Saving Private Ryan? One must be cut! I'm tempted to cut SPR, because I only like the battle scenes and don't care for the middle parts (characters are ridiculous, plot is shoddy and boring).

This list would look very different if certain movies had not had objectionable content (whether it be sex, nudity or false religious messages). Somewhere on this list might have been films like The Matrix (false religious themes), The Matrix Reloaded (sex and more of the same as the first film), Blade Runner (was that one nude shot really necessary?), Equilibrium (less content rather than insidious anti-Christian intent from director Kurt Wimmer), The Road Warrior (in such a world rape makes sense, but do I have to see her naked dead body?), and et cetera. But content is content! I will not endorse what I do not believe. And heck, even some of my "favorites" are near-sketchy (TRON, anyone? Programs can be equal with humans? *spits*).

To see some other ones I really liked, check out my Amazon store.

Have any of you seen these movies? Did you like them, or no? What are some of your favorites? Discuss, discuss, discuss!



Mike said...

Since Neo is 'in the Matrix' when all of the relegious ideas are presented, do they count as purveying a false relegion? Or are they equivicoble to fantasy, seeing as how he is in a program and all that surrounds him is synthetic?

I hope that made sense. :P

Nathan said...

One must be cut! I'm tempted to cut SPR

I can't tell you what to put on your list of favorites, because I'm not you and thus anything I suggest would be *my* favorite. But you did just answer your own question--cut SPR if that's what you're feeling! :D

Screw stressing out

Hooray for not stressing out! You'll live longer... or at least better. :)

olde.fashioned said...

I echo Nathan's sentiments and suggest you ex SPR. First off, it's just not that good of a movie. I don't care how good the battle scenes are, if we're going strictly by that, then Braveheart, LotR, and The Last Samurai need to be on your list. :P

Jonas said...

Well, since SPR is about the lamest movie I've ever seen (and I've seen some bad movies!) I'd urge you to strike that one on principle, even though I haven't seen the other two ;)

Other than that I'll just smile at how fundamentally different our taste in movies seems to be :P (ok, I do like The Dark Knight, but it wouldn't be on my top 10 I think)

The Warrior said...

Mike: Sorry, I've been busy lately...I promise I'll get to your comment, k?

Nathan: But you're already influencing my decision.... :-P

Jonas: LOL, perhaps not the lamest, but besides the battle scenes...yes, lame. Speaking of bad movies, I was thinking about a fun list of my LEAST favorites. Whatcha think?

So this begs the question, what ARE your favorite movies, man?

How 'bout the rest o' ya?

OK...this calls for a tag! I TAG everyone who can/will write up a Top 10 Favorite Movies post.



Jonas said...

Oh, a top 10 is really hard. I like very different movies, and in very different ways, and at times I do love certain movies that I realize are quite bad actually. But an attempt at a list could look like this, hopefully you'll have heard of half of them at least ;)

In no particular order:

El Orfanato
(This one is awesome on so many levels, perhaps most the way you never really understand whether what's going on is real or imagined)
All about Eve
(best dialogue ever, also my favourite actress at her best)
La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi
(the most beautiful story of love and friendship I've ever seen, painful and blissfully void of clichés)
The Hours
(wonderful actors in this one, very interesting moral questions and dramturgy)
The Age of Innocence
(also wonderful acting, wonderfully subtle plot and conflicts, and of course, an orgy in 19th century clothing)
The Matrix
(goes without saying really, wonderful visuals and very unique idea)
Donnie Darko
(fantastically strange plot but also a whole lot of interesting characters besides, and a world outside the time travels and weirndess that is interesting enough for a film in itself)
(quite a horrifying insight into human behaviour, also Nicole Kidman at her best)
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex
(succeeds very well in describing a period and its people in a way that makes all characters understandable, without glorifying them, also very good acting at times)
Finding Neverland
(I suppose there's something about me and Peter Pan, I was so moved by this one)

As for least favourites... I don't think I dare go there :P

The Warrior said... I see what you mean by "different"! :-P

I know of...let's see...four of those. I've only seen one of them. :-D I'm guessing some of those aren't even available in the US? LOL!

Looking back at my list, I'm now realizing every single one of my favorites has a body count, fights/battles, and manliness in each and every one of them. :-P

I'm gonna have to look up yours just so I can figure out what they are lol! No offense.... :-P

Next tagged blogger, step right up!


Nathan said...

Cool list, Jonas! I'll have to look into some of those (and by the way, I LOVED Finding Neverland!).

I'll think about my list and post it on my blog tomorrow. Good fun. ^_^

olde.fashioned said...

Jonas: I can top Spencer; I've seen three out of your ten!! ;D I enjoyed "Finding Neverland" but couldn't quite connect with "The Age of Innocence" (I'm presuming you mean the Scorsese version with Daniel Day-Lewis?). The highlight of the film for me was the array of Tissot paintings at the beginning--you can see his "Too Early" plainly; there's also a Bouguereau mentioned by the narrator, IIRC.

If you like old movies and dialogue, please tell me you've seen "Casablanca"?

Spencer: I'm thinking about my list, brother dear. :P

The Warrior said...

Nathan: Haha, it is happening!!!!

Olde: Gosh, barfaroonie! Casablanca is awesome though gotta say....

The Warrior said...

Mike: OK, finally to your question! Danggit, I'm realizing it's been a while since I've watched these movies, so bear with me. :-P

I have no problem with Neo being able to have "powers" inside the Matrix. It's just a computer program, perhaps he's learned how to bend the rules. Works just fine.

My problem is with him being "The One". "The One" came before, and is prophesied to return, Morpheus tells Neo in the first film. He returns in Neo.

Neo has special powers OUTSIDE of the Matrix. Remember Revolutions, when he can "see" without seeing, and can destroy sentinels (he also did that at the end of Reloaded).

Throw in the mystical issues of the Oracle (OK, she's a program, but not even a computer can accurately predict the future--that can only come from a prophet of God, something she clearly is not) and the several sacrilegious bits (people coming to Neo with offerings and requests for blessings and protection; the young kid who says, "Neo, I believe!" and him dying in a crucifix position), and all I can say is, this is simply not in line with the Bible.

But from an entertainment standpoint? Fresh, new, amazing, unique...and those fights scenes? Best in cinematic history. Ever.


Jonas said...

Spencer: I think you'd be able to find most of these even in the US, perhaps not the Italian one, which I had to import from Italy... As for fights and battles I think you'd appreciate Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, that movie has the most realistic violence I've ever seen. It was also nominated for an Oscar so it should be quite easy to get. The drawback for you would of course be the quite large amounts of skin that's shown. Since it's about radical lefties in the late 60s and early 70s it feels quite warranted considering the zeitgeist and all, but you'd probably still be disturbed I suppose.

Oh, and speaking of violence and manliness, you've seen Gangs of New York? I was pondering putting that on my list.

olde.fashioned: I think my favourite parts of AoI was how Newland was so careful to keep to his dream of Olenska, to the point that he barely even kissed her (I suppose it connects with my somewhat asexual look on life). That scene at the end when he as an aged man sits outside her apartment and finally decides to leave without saying hello and risking his old memories is priceless ("just tell her I'm old-fashioned!").

Oh, then again I've always been a bit in love with Michelle Pfeiffer so that might be another reason for me liking this one ;)

I've seen Casablanca yes. Long time ago... should see it again.

The Warrior said...

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

I guess I'll think about it...but thanks for the heads-up, I appreciate that!

Gangs of New York...haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list. Interesting history, or at least that's what I understand (it's the July '63 draft riots I was told?).

And Jonas...I really don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I just can't not laugh at how you say you have an "asexual look on life" then say you are in love with Michelle Pfeiffer. :-P Am I wrong, or is that how you meant it when you said "love"?

Jonas said...

"And Jonas...I really don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I just can't not laugh at how you say you have an "asexual look on life" then say you are in love with Michelle Pfeiffer. :-P Am I wrong, or is that how you meant it when you said "love"?"


Well, my comment on Pfeiffer was a bit ironic ;) Then again, I'd do say my appreciation of her (and others) is totally asexual. She has a beautiful face and is a fine actress, but I've never wanted to, you know, touch her... and let's stop there for the sake of decency! :P

The Warrior said...

Oh gosh Jonas, I didn't mean that, man! Sheesh! :-P

You can find her attractive without...THAT! That was all I meant! I swear!



P.S. The subject of Der Baader Meinhof Komplex looks interesting...just how bad is it? (If you want, go all-out and I just won't publish the comment...or you can email me...either way it's up to you, you don't have to....)

Jonas said...

"P.S. The subject of Der Baader Meinhof Komplex looks interesting...just how bad is it?"

There isn't a lot of graphic sex. There's really only one scene and that one is far less graphic than the one in Matrix Reloaded for example. Early in the movie there's a short glimpse of a sex scene too, but that's just for a second at most.

The main thing is that in quite some everyday instances people just walk around naked. Mainly at a beach in the beginning but a few other instances too. So there's quite a few topless women and I think one or two fullfront nudes as well.