Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gods and Generals: Director's Cut

Has anyone seen the Time magazine special edition for the 150th anniversary? I picked it up but haven't had the chance to read it yet (I'm sure it'll be more revisionist history, just like their normal magazine issue a few weeks back that I read, replete with a photoshopped Lincoln with tears--how sad!), but the back does have a preview of the Gods and Generals director's cut. Apparently Gettysburg is also part of the release. And on the Fourth of July! Friggin' patriotic, it is!

I'm so excited! I can't wait! So Amazon now has it on their site, and for only $55.99, I think that's a fair deal for this spiffy set. Seeing as I paid around $25.00 for the TRON: Legacy special edition...twice that is well worth it for Gods and Generals. I didn't think Gettysburg was amazing, but still good, yes. I'll probably be putting them into my Amazon store in the near future.

Who else is getting pumped?


P.S. Is anyone interested in a review of Time's little article? I read it just today (I know, it's a few weeks late now) and along with it's South-hating, it included a snub directed at Gods and Generals (for allegedly perpetuating the "Lost Cause").


fuzzys dad said...

I would like to read your review of the Slime magazine article on the Civil War.

The Warrior said...

OK, I will think about it. This next week is busy for me, but I'll think about it; at least there's some interest!