Friday, March 04, 2011

GOA: ATF Allows Flow of Guns Into Mexico

What? No! The ATF? Never!

Please read, and then please fill out the petition at the bottom of the page. That is of course, if you want to be associated with the likes of people who object to the actions committed at Waco and Ruby Ridge (and may I say that I'm very pleased to see GOA make a mention of said events).

Hmm, does that put me on some special kind of list, having "Waco" on my blog? Or was I on that particular list already? Either way, I'm honored.



The Warrior said...

So ever since working on my last post (as in the last one and up and including to this one) I've had immense trouble with Blogger. Anyone else having any issues? I've had more errors than ever before, and different errors too. Interesting....

olde.fashioned said...

*GASP* You mean a government agency doing something WRONG, screwing something up, and generally making a bigger mess than before? But, but, this cannot BE!!

And as for having more Blogger troubles, looks like you're officially now on their s&!@list! >;P