Friday, February 11, 2011

"Jar of Hearts", by Christina Perri

I just discovered this song yesterday. Watching Fuse on my break at work, this song came on. I'd actually heard about it, but hadn't seen the full video. I soon realized that I had completely stopped eating my snack, wasn't moving, and was staring like a dead deer trophy. Needless to say, when I went home, I YouTubed it...and will now presume to kill it. I'm probably gonna have to buy this one. (Note: I have not yet fully investigated this song or artist as I usually do, and I cannot endorse anything. The video itself isn't exactly perfect in that way, either.)

The song is amazing, she sings beautifully, and the song is a strong, dark, grabbing breath of fresh air compared to the garbage that is usually pumped out. I couldn't but help noticing this comment on the video, though:

I just dont understand how a man can hurt the woman they are supposed to love....we are supposed to make them feel safe, secure and let them know that you will never let anything hurt many men have women that love them and they take advantage of that and abuse ex destroyed mine...but thats why I know. BE MEN love them, cherish them especially if they love you and put you all you beautiful women stay strong there are good men left.

I went and friended the guy, just for that. And when I started writing this I was about to outline my plan to fix this disease of hellish proportions, but you know what...I don't think I can actually put that out on the web.

Besides, it'd be such an effective and fitting dealing of justice that I can't even actually endorse it.


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