Monday, February 21, 2011

eNiGMa's "When filming a hoax..." brings Bigfoot to Lego!

In one of my favorite scenes in a long time, longtime friend and fellow AFOL (for all you new readers out there, that stands for "Adult Fan Of Lego") Nathan Cunningham has tackled the subject of Bigfoot, and he's done it in a way that pleases the scholar in me, so-to-speak.

(Please see the title link for more pictures and information)

Instead of a "Bigfoot is fake!" statement piece, or even a "Haha, look, it's supposed to be that Bigfoot myth!" take, Nathan Cunningham has melded the true essence of Lego, blended it with humor, and still come out with an appropriate picture of Sasquatch phenomena.

You've got your hoaxers, evil fiends they are (the humor), you've got your scene (Lego essence--and by the way, it's built beautifully, simple from afar, deeply detailed up close), and then you've got your "true" portion--the pack-raiding Bigfoot himself!

In a sense, the viewer has the concept of a real, viable undiscovered great ape suggested to him. Beautiful.

My one wish, though? That that 'squatch would kill and eat the hoaxers, right where they stand!

This is Lego-building, at its finest.


*Please note that all above statements are mine and mine alone and Nathan Cunningham, or anyone else, is not responsible for such.

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Nathan said...

What an honor, not only to be blogged, but to be written of in such a fine fashion! Many thanks, good sir; I'm glad you enjoyed it.