Monday, January 10, 2011

What all those Democrats have been doing since the election

Here's a thought for you all today.

See, maybe it's me. Maybe it's cause I was sick and delirious, maybe not. I don't know. But the past few days I've been wondering, with all the displaced Democrats from the November election, what have they all been doing with their time of late? It's been a while, certainly they have a good routine going by now, right? Are they working alone ? together? On a specific project? What?

So, with all my political blogging, I figured I'd be a complete failure if I couldn't at least figure something as simple as this out. Fear not! I have succeeded! It's weird, though, it appears that no other conservative source, nay, no source anywhere, has really published anything on this in such a way as to realize it for what it really is.

So, ladies and gentleman, here it is from me first. This is what the poor leftist souls have been doing to drown out their sorrows! Take a close look at this; you will see many of them present, most of them, in fact.

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The Warrior said...

Lots of familiar faces here, to be sure! And now that I look at them all, hey, is that Dennis Kucinich I see at 0:25?

The Warrior said...

And word has come to me now that this is also the same place that Obama finds his "czars"....