Sunday, January 30, 2011

Total War games

As some of you may have seen in my Shoutbox, a while back I discovered the game Medieval: Total War. I've been enjoying it immensely. (I'm not much of a gamer at all, but when you get historical wargames into the mix, count me in!)

I picked up a discounted double pack at Target a while back, with Medieval 2: Total War and Rome: Total War. But what I see in the content rating is "Sexual themes". I've also heard that religious themes are present (what this entails I know not).

Since I just can't figure out how the heck you can get sex into a game that is merely about war (or is it?) and I can't find a single thing about it on the web, I'm curious as to what you guys would think about reviews. Not sure if I want to spend the time, but if NOBODY out there can answer this question, then perhaps a review from a Christian standpoint would be in order? I'm curious about the games, no duh, and am also wondering just how "bad" they could possibly get, at a T rating.

Any thoughts? Please, lots of comments!



Robin said...

My husband plays these games. He says that sometimes you have to make characters get engaged to eachother. That's it. It's just a bunch of little men running around on a screen. He's playing it right now, in fact.

Son III said...

Like you, I'm the opposite of a gamer, except when it comes to politics and war simulators.

My little brother bought both Medieval and Rome, I've played them both.

These must be recently added ratings, because I can guarantee he wouldn't have bought them if there were present before.

Sexual themes are not in the games, and both he and I have played them inside and out.

It is a mystery to me where even suggestive references could possibly be found in gameplay.

A possibility is that one of the characteristics that a "character" can have is the inability to have children, but the game does not detail this at all.

Nothing wrong with the game that I have noticed.

The Warrior said...

All right, guys, thanks for the help. That's what I thought. I think I'll try them out now, hopefully no review will be necessary (time-consuming things!).



P.S. And if anyone knows where to get another copy of Medieval: Total War, lemme know please. My copy isn't in complete working order (campaign mode doesn't work at all, argh!).

Travis Christian said...

Religion is one of the factors that influence public order. Non-state religions cause unrest, and you can build temples etc and recruit priests to convert the population to your state religion. There are also various religious references in the battle narratives.

As for sexual themes, I agree with Robin- the option of marrying off your family members with the click of a button is as far as it goes.

The People's Will said...

Personally I'm a big fan of the Total War series, Medieval 2 being my favourite. As has been said, chracters have children and get married. In Medieval 2 the Mongol commanders make comments along the lines of 'Struggle if you like, I will take your women regardless'.

Regarding religion, if you play as a Christian Catholic faction you must obey the will of the Papacy or face excommunication. If you play as an Orthodox Christian or Islamic faction you risk having Crusades called against you. Playing as a Catholic or Muslim faction allows you to launch crusades or jihads respectively. You use religious characters (priests, cardinals, imams) to convert people and denounce heretics.

Look out for Shogun 2 Total War, which I think comes out later this year and looks incredibly good (and involves the ability to train ninja assassins and so forth).

The Warrior said...

Gotcha guys; thanks for the help! I'm playing Rome and it's amazing so far. Medieval II isn't working with my computer...hmmm....