Saturday, January 01, 2011

LEGO Ninjago and Pharaoh's Quest

A while back I mentioned these up-and-coming themes from LEGO. Well, they're out and available for sale now, I can't get too excited about them.

Similar to the first Adventurers theme and the Ninja theme of 1998, LEGO's new Ninjago and Pharaoh's Quest are a dissappointment to me.

I loved all of the Adventurers sets when I was a kid, the later Dino Island theme being my favorite LEGO sets of all time up until that point. I didn't get on the Ninja wagon until coming out of my dark ages (by then I was an Asian nut anyways), although I still don't own any of the sets.

So this new Ninja theme is mixed with undead skeletons and has ridiculous sets (What is this, Castle '07 and KK2 meets Japan?). I must admit that I'm insanely happy to finally have nunchuks and shuriken, but even those could have been better designed. The bone pieces are quite welcome, however. As much as I love all things like this, you'd think I would have liked these more...sorry, but this is just a bad theme, TLC.

As to the Egypt theme, that one is fairly poor as well, just a ripoff of the Johnny Thunder Adventurers really. Still, it has some nice parts and isn't as bad as Ninjago.

All in all, I like some of the pieces that we've gotten from these two themes. Beyond that, I'm not all that interested. Sorry TLC, this time you just didn't pull it off for me.



olde.fashioned said...

Nananananananananan NINJAAAA!!!

Jonas said...

I kind of liked many of the figs (and accessories) in the Ninjago theme, but I'd agree it's overall quite ridiculous. This set really cracked me up though :P

...and come on, Spencer, there's an evil jester skeleton, how much better can it get, really? ;)

The Warrior said...

This one's even worse, man!

And I didn't even catch that jester...oh man, is that bad.... :-/