Saturday, January 22, 2011

How about me wearing this?

I am very seriously considering purchasing this sweet little baby to add to my growing collection of man-gear. What do you all think? Can I sport this one? Too off or anything?

I know it would probably look a tad bit weird, but every day I care less and less about what people think about how I dress. I am consistently frustrated in my attempts for articles of clothing (that's a story for another day sometime), and if I have to be this unique, then I'll be this unique! (Now granted this is purely for my own pleasure and isn't exactly a necessary article of attire. :-D)

Then again, does it really matter much anymore? I wear only black, carry a man bag, wear uncommon jackets (And one day, one day, I will have my own trench!), and since Christmas have been sporting AbbyShot's Mad Max gloves (Hey, my fingers get cold!...or at least that's how my excuse goes.). One day I will also buy me some Matrix repro sunglasses, or at least something very similar (or if I get rich, then the Mad Max jacket, and the Terminator jacket, oh and those Battlestar Galactica boots, hey and whatever happened to that Cleric Coat?...). I already confuse people, and I don't give a flying hoot about it. What's a little more? I don't know about you, but these cookie cutter males who all either dress like punks, slobs, or girls aren't my cup of mead. That's me alright, mixin' stuff up!

And if you all wanna know what it's designed after, see here (Jayne Cobb from Firefly/Serenity).

Please let me know whatcha think, peeps! Sound off in the comments section, and speak your opinions in detail please.



olde.fashioned said...

Me likee! I just might borrow that cuff, too... O:)

Jonas said...

That cleric coat is gorgeous! And so are those sunglasses, I might actually have to get me some of those...

Oh, yea, and don't care about what people think of the way you look. Those worth considering will probably be impressed by your following your own way anyhow. At least that's my experience.

The Warrior said...

Lauren: Hmm...maybe. :-P

Jonas: Isn't it man? It's a wower, that's for sure. Ever see the movie Equilibrium? It's a great movie, if slightly low-budget, and if you can stand Bale in it (I think he's good but know you don't...) you might like it. Dystopian resistance story. Great product IMO, but the fact that director Kurt Wimmer had anti-Christian intentions is what I didn't like.

Those worth considering will probably be impressed by your following your own way anyhow. At least that's my experience.

Yeah, it's kind of pointless...they all look alike so why should we care? :-D

Thanks man!


Jonas said...

Never actually heard of Equilibrium (the movie that is). Low-budget doesn't quite scare me, as long as the acting's decent, I might check it out!

guitargirl said...

I personally think it looks pretty neat. I'm kind of hesitant to say this because I don't know if you like Johnny Depp movies or not, but it also looks like something he would wear.

And that's a compliment coming from me, btw, because he's one of my favorite actors. So if you don't buy it... I will. :P

The Warrior said...

Jonas: Acting is good, but then again it's driven by Bale. :-D If you want to see a visually-stimulating dystopia with a manly-dressed hero shooting his way through the enemy, then watch Equilibrium. :-D

GG: Hahaha! :-D

Jonas said...

Well, Bale isn't a terrible actor (he's actually done some interesting things), he's just not Bruce Wayne in my opinion, so I might like this. Who doesn't want a paragon of manliness shooting his way through his enemies anyway? :P

The Warrior said...

Exactly! :-D

Stephen said...

Out of mere curiosity, what is a practical application for acquiring this stuff?

Maybe this is just the difference between where I come from and California culture, but I automatically stereotype anybody who wears all black and leather + buckles or chains as punk gothic.
It just looks weird.

I don't mean to be critical, obviously it's still a free country in terms of what you wear, but I'm just curious.

The Warrior said...

No worries man, you can ask the question. :-D This IS one of the few times something I'm thinking about buying has absolutely no practical purpose.

No practical application at all; I just LOVE the way it looks. I love black. Leather is good to me as well, it is old-fashioned, manly, and high-quality. A leather wrist strap brings so many manly things to my mind. I might feel like a Viking, a gladiator, a resistance fighter, or a mercenary like Jayne.

I dunno, I just like the look! As to Goths and all, I really don't care how people view me. I don't get the "Goth" label too often (actually I don't think I've ever gotten it...) but I do confuse people. My answer? Well would you prefer me to dress like a street punk or a homosexual pansy, the other two norms out there?

Naw thanks. This thing just seethes manliness to me, and that's that. :-D


Jonas said...

"Well would you prefer me to dress like a street punk or a homosexual pansy, the other two norms out there?"

I must confess the prospect of seeing you dressed up like a "homosexual pansy" intrigues me :P

...or perhaps creeps me out rather ;)

The Warrior said...

Oh now NO WAY, off-limits man!