Monday, January 10, 2011

Arizona Attack

By now you all have probably heard, so I'll just give you two issue-analyses (see this article, and GOA's response to the event). You're probably already sure of what I think on the subject.



olde.fashioned said...

I'd still like to know what actually HAPPENED--all I can find are articles on the aftermath. :/

Another guy with three names...or do they just use the middle name when they become murderers?

Nuttycomputer said...

Unfortunately those articles are inaccurate as well. In truth from what I've read the guy was just plain crazy. His videos, papers, etc. are all over the place with no clear political ideology. So while the republicans are happy to report he was far far left the democrats are just as happy to report he was far far right... In truth they are both right because he was clearly an insane man who for whatever reason (maybe none) decided to kill some people.

Neither party or ideology is to blame I'm afraid just good old fashion insanity this time.

The Warrior said...

OF: Do a search on CNN or maybe even WND and you'll find something I bet.

NC: As always, your opinion is welcome, but I must agree to disagree. I do think he must've been an unusual whackjob, though.


Jonas said...

Hey, let's just clear one thing up: No one with left wing views would cite Mein Kampf as a favourite book.

Not saying he'd be motivated by right wing views either though, I'm inclined to agree with Nuttycomputer. I wish everyone would abstain from using a tragedy such as this to attack other parties, at least as long as we know so little.

I must confess I find the discussions of how the violent right wing rhetoric (especially of Sarah Palin) might have had some kind of role though, mainly because it has some very apparent parallells to happenings in Sweden (not saying it would be the cause though).

The Warrior said...

Jonas: Depends on your idea of left-wing, but either way to be fair, WND was referring to the attacker's YouTube profile (if he said he liked it, he must've liked it). But that was their statement, not mine (not sure how they found his YT and verified it).


Jonas said...

Well, if one's idea of left-wing is someone who'd support some kind of socialist or communist theories (which is very diverse of course), then Mein Kampf runs contrary to that. You may be very much opposed to socialism/communism and nazism/fascism alike, but that doesn't stop them being antithetical to each other.

And I wasn't questioning you nor the sources of the article, mainly noting that if someone said he liked both Mein Keimpf and the Communist Manifesto (which is also kind of a strange book) it's a sign more of severe confusion than any political views.