Monday, December 06, 2010

Wal-Mart teams up with Big Brother

Not enough snooping for you yet, Janet Neapolitan? Just who is going to define suspicious? You? Oh, heaven help us....

See title link for more information, and thanks goes to Michael Bane for first alerting me to this.

You think "1984" is in the past? Nooo...future!


P.S. I visited Wal-Mart just a few hours ago, before hearing about this. Is the steel shot for my slingshot "suspicious"?


Jonas said...

Oh really now, what kind of society do they think they create when asking people to start spying on each other..? The DDR leaders would be proud... (not that I'm really surprised, these things seem to be happening everywhere ever since 9/11)

Stealth Jew said...

I don't remember who said this -- perhaps Christopher Hitchens? -- but I think it's more a Brave New World world than a 1984 world.

The Warrior said...

Jonas: Yes, it's true. It's simply an excuse.

SJ: Well, the exact similarities to either fictional work is irrelevant in the grand scheme; it's what's going on that's the deal!