Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Movie Review: Tron: Legacy (2010)

And you thought the first one was good.

I decided I had to see this one when I inadvertently saw the video game trailer (Tron: Evolution), not realizing that there was even a film at all at first. The greatness of said trailer soon made me watch the first film, then go see this one this weekend.

Jumping off from where 1982's Tron left us, this sequel is faithful to the original while adding something the original did not have. With today's possibilities, Disney (who I'm actually opposed to and usually hate their products) has really done something this time. I can only call this film one thing: freakin' AMAZING!

Sure, it's entirely impossible. Yes, the ultimate consequences of the idea of programs such as those in this and the first film are very dangerous. And I even had a few very small issues with this film, such as the Isos, how they literally manifested out of nowhere (Evolution reference!) and will change life for humans forever, including "religion" it is said, and Kevin Flynn's Buddhist character touches, such as his sitting posture and overall behavior (he even says he has a "Zen thing" at one point). Other believing viewers may also have an issue with Quorra referring to Flynn, the human maker of all the programs, as "the Creator", but on this count I didn't really mind much. (The whole Kevin Flynn as Creator vs. the big bad guy in this movie could serve as an allegory of God vs. Satan in some ways, but it better not have been written that way, as it is NOT an appropriate take all the way through the whole plot!) I also question how a flesh-and-blood person can be dematerialized to live on the "Grid" (which is inside of a computer) and, just for one thing, transfer their soul as well. (This issue came up in a different form at the ending of the film. I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say that the idea is pretty much offensive to a guy like me.)

Despite all of this, I still say this was one of the best films I've seen in a long while, and it's beyond innovative. The black, and occasionally white suits with blue and red lighting effects, coupled with laser discs and swords as weapons, and vehicles ranging from light cycles to fighter planes to massive ships, all cater to Spencer's style. The plot surely wasn't Shakespeare, but was good enough to keep the movie going.

What this movie is really all about is the visuals. Amazing effects and coolness oozing out of the digital pores, this amazing piece of cinematic art is well worth seeing. Also, Daft Punk created one of the best soundtracks in a very long time (perhaps since Hans Zimmer's The Dark Knight). What more can I say? A valid piece of science fiction.

And for those of you worried about violence, it's all digital, literally (I think there's only one drop of blood?), and as to sex...well, there simply was none (unless you count a soft dressing scene, where the main character is dressed for a form gladiator combat--nothing is actually shown except his bare torso really--and of course tight, form-fitting clothes on the ladies). It's only rated PG--and what I can't get over is that I just can't even remember the last time I went to see (or even willingly watched at all) a PG film. Ha!

One great movie. A must for every fan of the genre--oh, and a must for everyone else out there who enjoys cool movies.

I'm gonna go buy myself an Identity Disc. (No, really, I think I am....)



brit w said...

We saw this one at the IMAX in 3D. It was amazing, and I would totally see it again! My greatest pleasure was to find out that you can buy light up identity dick frisbees at toys r' us. : )

The Warrior said...

I know, right? Haha...I think I want the plain frisbee though, so I can throw it around.... Either way, I want me one. :-D (Did you buy one?)

Overall, one freaking amazing movie! Thanks for stopping by; how have you been?

The Warrior said...


See above for an update...oh and yeah, I DID buy an Identity Disc. :-P