Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to all of my readers, past, present, oft or occasional. May God draw you to himself and grant you blessings.

For any of you who feel like a real Christmas story, then please visit my friend Gravelbelly's post here: The Combat Master's Christmas Tale. Ever heard of a "must-read"? Yeah, it is one. Now go "Have Yourself a Manly Little Christmas"!

Merry Christmas and God bless!



Gravelbelly said...

A blessed Nativity Day celebration to you and your family, Spencer . . . and to all your readers, as well.

fuzzys dad said...

Merry Christmas and God Bless

olde.fashioned said...

Merry Christmas Spencer (again)! ;) Blog posts from you are always like little presents. <3

Andrew said...

A very Merry Christmas to you also!

T. Paine said...

I hope and pray that God blesses you and yours throughout the Christmas season and the new year, Spencer!