Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doug Phillips' and sons' first home video

First, being the huge Vision Forum fan that I am, this video was quite the treat to watch. Second, I'm so jealous of Doug's backyard! Third...awesome music. :-)



Nathan said...

Beautiful video! The whole time I was thinking, "Ah, this looks so much like the Texas I love and miss!"

Then I read Doug's comments and realized I probably passed by his house like a thousand times (or even knocked on the door :-P) and didn't even realize it was his, because his town, Boerne, was the first area I served in as a missionary. Such a nice little town, and such beautiful country. I loved it, and would not blame Doug one bit for living there. ^_^

The Warrior said...

Haha, I was waiting to hear your response. :-D

Didn't I mention that Boerne was where so many of my "brethren" were in a letter while you were away? I thought I did, perhaps I forgot...busy time for both of us, eh? :-P

But you might've passed by it? Oh man, dude...he's like a rock star!


Nathan said...

Haha, Boerne seems to be just the place for those "rock star" types; in nearby neighborhoods we also had folks like Sandra Bullock, Tommy Lee Jones, Eva Longoria (at least when she was still hitched to Tony Parker, anyway).... People don't harass them there like they would in other places. If one of the Spurs needs dog food or something, he can just go to the store and get it. Texans are like that. ^_^ All those wide, open spaces can only help, too....

The Warrior said...

Really? Wow...far from the world of "TMZ"!

olde.fashioned said...

So...Nathan...I guess if you ever get to meet Doug Phillips, you can say, "Hi, you might not know me, but I probably knocked on your door a few times!" (hahah)

TMZ=Too Many Zombies