Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Blame Stacy, then Nathan...

...I won't be doing the entire thing, but I just can't resist doing this one!

So y'all know plenty about me already; how about some lesser-known stuff (or, at least relatively so)?

1. I don't believe in surrendering. I refuse to give up.

2. I usually prefer girls as friends than males--most males are worthless these days. But, given the chance, a manly friend is such a great thing.

3. I love what I call man gear. I carry a briefcase, keep my cell phone in a belt case as well as my keys (in a silencer holster--it silences my keys!). I have a variety of knives for different uses, and in my bag (or on my person) is everything from papers and information for me to do my work (addresses, datebook, political activism information), coins to flip or for change, handkerchiefs, first aid supplies and a dozen different ways to start a fire.

4. I love random jokes, of a certain brand. From silly youtube viral videos, Lady Gaga and Batman spoofs, to Pinky and the Brain and LOLcats, they all make me laugh.

5. I have two running lists, comprised of people. If you make the first, then you have cause to be very pleased, for you are my friend. If you make the second....

6. I'm quite serious about natural, but not nearly like you see everyone else hype about. Forget the current fad diet or supplement pills, you'll see me with any form of meat, vegetables, or fruit (and I don't have an issue with bread, btw). Honey is one of my passions!

7. Here's a strange one, something I've never before mentioned to anyone. I don't know how else to explain it, but I'm receptive to emotions women are supposed to feel. I do not feel them myself, rather, have a strange sixth sense that allows me to vicariously "feel", for lack of a better expression. I figured it out being accidentally exposed to romance films on occasion (unfortunate fact of life for us guys, isn't it?); this understanding was finally cemented and brought forefront, in a way, when I was exposed (Note: did not "watch", was "exposed"!) to a few moments of a Twilight movie. I don't feel anything, but I'm receptive to everything that the scene beckons for the female viewer to feel. I can't explain anything more, as I barely understand it so far.

8. Here's another weird sense I have: I can sense when televisions are on. I'm thinking that the newer TVs (HD, LCD, etc.) are not ones that I can sense from my few experiences with them, but the older boxey sets were often detectable by me. I used to live in a place with a TV in the room adjacent to the bathroom. The bathroom was down a small, contained hallway of sorts, the room itself even tighter, and the overhead light was rigged up with a roaring ceiling fan that made it impossible to hear anything but the loudest of sounds even just outside the door. Whenever someone turned the television on, I could always sense it turn on, the instant it was turned on.

Another event, a place I used to work, had the locker room upstairs in a dark, near-abandoned portion of the building. Inside this old room was a television, used on occasion by a few who preferred private lunches and breaks. I could always tell when it was on, before I could see the room or hear anything emanating from it. One time, almost trying to disprove myself, I sensed the television on, and found that it wasn't. Smiling and satisfied, I walked out with a few people who were leaving with me. To my surprise, in a nearby room, the training room, a television set was sitting alone in the room, static on the screen. I tried to disguise my surprise, and moved on without speaking.

This isn't hearing, but it's almost a form of isn't, but that's the best way I can describe it. I can "hear" it but I'm not using my auditory senses. I have no explanation for's also been a while since I've experienced this strange "phenomena".

9. I love insects, spiders, and the like, but hate having rabbits, squirrels, and mice around. At least I wage war on the troublesome arthropods....

10. I'm seriously getting into sci-fi. Mostly garbage from looking from the outside, I've come to love some aspects of the genre. Dystopian and post-apocalyptic are now my favorite fiction genres, and things such as Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, the Matrix series, and the TV shows Battlestar Galactica, Jericho, and the like have all been blasts to go through. (I don't actually recommend all of those, btw.)

11. I'm a self-professed right-wing radical. Religiously, politically, socially, and even scientifically.

12. I've discovered sling shots. Man are they fun!

13. When I'm with friends, I'm all upbeat. When I'm with clients at my work, I'm all cheerfulness and pleasantries. When I'm out and about, I am usually near-scowling and prefer not to be spoken to. I wonder why....

14. I'm weird about case you haven't noticed. While I hate most of it, I love things like Abrams tanks and Apache Longbow helicopters. It all depends on the nature: under complete control by man, and efficiently advancing his work (i.e., the microscope, or the rifle), I love certain kinds of technology. Functioning improperly (most computers and digital devices!), being inferior to physical mediums, or, even worse, artificially intelligent.

15. I'm rather noisy....

Phew! That was tough...and enough!



Nathan said...

Hey, Stacy has her own tag now, too! :D

Gotta love the sling shots. We had one in my last apartment on the mission, because one of the previous elders couldn't sleep with the birds outside the window. My companion and I would use it to knock down a random bowling pin that was also in our apartment for some reason. :)

Captcha: beezinv. As in, bees invent... honey.

Jonas said...

"as well as my keys (in a silencer holster--it silences my keys!)"

That comment had me laughing out loud for some reason :P On the other hand I could use a key silencer sometimes myself.. Where's that picture taken btw? Does it look like that near where you live? (My knowledge of Californian geography is... lacking)

Stephanie said...

I know where that picture was taken!

I have more comments, but am feeling rather lazy right now, maybe someday I'll really post them.

The Warrior said...

Nathan: Oh yes she does! LOL!

Sling shots...are great! Haha...and so are bees! Woot!

Jonas: LOL, yes, it works amazingly. I used to use Maxpedition's Keyper ( and while it's a great, truly "hard-use" tool, I got tired of hearing my keys jingle on my hip.

So I now use this:

It works great--it's rigid and stiff, to protect your keys or protect anything you might bump up against. I have lots of stuff on my keyring so I'm at max capacity, and the thing is still a large item, so this might bother some...however, it truly does silence your keys (almost no key movement means almost no noise, very, very rarely can you hear a thing, and if you can it's almost imperceptible) and I still use my keyper (when I need to take off my keys, I slip the keyper through the silencer loop, and clip it on my man bag strap).

Upside of the keyper is that it velcros on and off your belt; the downside of the Blackhawk is that it doesn't, it slides on the belt like normal.

Oh, and that's actually my Utah trip, with eNiGMa himself....

Stephanie: Yes, you do know where that was taken. :-P

Well hurry up and comment, then! How am I supposed to know if you still read this or not? :-P


Nathan said...

Hehe, Yep; that's where I live! :D

olde.fashioned said...

Sling shots are FUN! When they work...

I got tired of hearing my keys jingle on my hip.

Yeah but now I can't find you in a store by the sound of your cowbell--er, keys!

Jonas said...

"Oh, and that's actually my Utah trip, with eNiGMa himself...."

Lol, wrong end of the continent! Maybe I should change my statement to "my knowledge of AMERICAN geography is lacking" ;)

And I'm intrigued by your description of the silencers, I had no idea that was such a veritable science! Also, man bag is a word I've never heard before, I think I know what you mean but when first reading it I got some queer mental pictures in my head :P

guitargirl said...

Sci-fi!!! :D

The Warrior said...

Oh, you haven't heard the term man-bag?

Speak no more, my friend! will show you! (Just search man bags, briefcases, etc.)


Son III said...

You're just like me!

(Except for the woman-feeling abilities and preference for girls as friends, both of which I find creepy-yet-acceptable.)

The Warrior said...

I can understand the "feeling" being creepy, but why the other one? All the males where I've come from were dirtballs; it's so much easier to be "friends" with someone when things are more pleasant (i.e., "Let me get that door for you" or "Let me carry that heavy box for you" instead of "Hey, scumbag, let me bash your brains in.")

Stealth Jew said...

Hankerchiefs are gross, unless you're doing your own laundry, in which case you're forgiven.

I don't understand #7. Does that mean that when you watch a romantic movie you understand that the movie is intended to make you feel a certain way? Because I think that might owe a lot more to the lack of subtlety in romantic movies.

Certain fora (Vision Forum among them) seem to be intent upon promoting toys that can put eyes out. My older son has absolutely no trouble devising weapons. I'm not going to give one to him; it's asking for trouble.

The Warrior said...

Handkerchiefs are not gross, unless you use them in a gross manner. (I do not; they are with me in case I'll ever need one.)

Romantic movies was merely an example, and it isn't limited to them.

As to weapons and Vision Forum, I'm a strong proponent of both. "Weapons" are good for boys, and commanded by Jesus Christ himself. So I am wondering where you are coming from?

Might you also like to introduce yourself?


Stealth Jew said...


weapons may great for my boys, but it's not them I'm worried about! It's the rest of us . . .

I'm a non-practicing lawyer in Canada with three kids under five. I came across the VF crowd because we're active in conservative political circles because my family and I are members of a semi-closed hyper-conservative culture ourselves.

We're Orthodox Jewish. I don't know how familiar you are with Orthodox Judaism, but we're Yeshivaish if that means anything.

The Warrior said...

Well, as to weapons, I must strongly disagree, but anyhow, thanks for introducing yourself, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Son III said...

I was just thinking one could better relate to one's own gender than with the other, but maybe that's just me.

Some things you can't discuss with a girl; I don't mean insensitive or inappropriate stuff, but things only another man could understand.

Different chemicals, you know.

The Warrior said...

It's true, I I said, man friends are worth their weight in gold. But there just aren't that many men left.