Tuesday, November 09, 2010

WARSKYL: Sharia Law in the U.S.?

You just gotta love what goes on in America these days.

First of all, two different law systems cannot work. One will have to go, or all be chaos. So which, if any, is being planned for the discard heap?

Second, who is promoting this in the United States? A judge? Who else? The American public deserves to know who, or what, is actively working to undermine all that is American . (That's not to mention everything else such things are diametrically opposed to. Christianity, anyone?)

I can tell you this, and I know I'm not at all alone. The day anyone comes to cover the heads of my women with burkhas, if it does indeed ever come to that, I can tell you this: the gloves are off.



The Warrior said...

Here's a bit more info, guys. Perhaps more later, we will see.


The Editrix said...

What if there was a law banning burqas? Do you think Muslim women have a right to wear them if they want to? This is a big issue here in Australia at the moment. . .


Nathan said...

I'm really not too worried about this as far as the specific issue goes (to me the news article sensationalized it a bit; I like to see information about things like this from a variety of sources in order to gain more understanding than what can only be seen from one perspective); the thing that has me concerned is that it seems the voters went essentially unheard. Granted, there is awareness of how they voted, but if it counts for nothing then that is a gaping hole in our system of government. Government for the people, by the people: I'm not entirely seeing it. I would like to find out more about why the judge made this decision.

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