Friday, November 05, 2010

Twitterness? (Shoutbox, actually)

Okay, kids. I need some help.

Ever see those "shoutboxes" or whatever on other blogs? I think I might like to get one; where is a good one to put here, and might my readers like it?

It's sort of a Twitter-esque sort of thing, but to be fair, I've been thinking about a shoutbox long before I ever figured out what "tweeting" was....



olde.fashioned said...

Tweet tweet!

guitargirl said...

Very cool! But, a shoutbox is not Twitter. The shoutboxes I'm thinking of are little boxes on your sidebars where people can leave comments about stuff you post, etc. Twitter is more like a social networking site in itself where you write stuff and other people subscribe to your feed. If you were to get either widget I would think the best place to put it would be where someone could see it, like up near the top of the page. :D

I used to have a shoutbox. I liked it, but I think I took it down because eventually the novelty wore off and people stopped using it. Haha! I also had a problem with some girls who would swear a bunch on it. My blog has some younger readers and I generally try to keep things PG and under, so you might consider setting up some kind of a filter if that gets to be an issue. Here's where I got mine: