Sunday, November 07, 2010

An Open Letter to Christopher Nolan

Dear Christopher Nolan,

You have shown the world, and Hollywood itself, that you don't have to sacrifice anything to make a successful film. You've made countless millions of dollars with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. You made great films, with great actors, great plots, great scripts, great production values, and an overall shroud of great greatness. (For one, you made myself, a superhero-hater, love these two movies to death.)

You've successfully captured a story of the way of the warrior, manhood, and some plain chivalry, and through all of this you've shown debauched Hollywood that you don't have to sacrifice on morality to make a good flick. Indeed, I'd say that The Dark Knight was one of the most morally-guided blockbusters we've seen in I don't know how long.

You have no sex, very, very little language, and only an appropriate style and level of violence. You've kept the correct viewpoint in mind (Batman is the good guy, and therefore must only do good, as well as all other good guys [and if they don't always do good, you correctly show said actions to be bad]; The Joker, is evil, and is therefore the bad guy, as are all other bad guys), and on top of all this you've given every thinking viewer decades worth of deep thought and discussion. And, what's more, you've wrapped it all up in a convincing, realistic package. (No Joel Schumacker or Spider-man here!)

But I must say this. Whether or not you will ever see this, Mr. Nolan, I'm compelled to ask you not to change anything in your next Batman installment. That's right. That's all I'm asking. Give us the same brand o' stuff we got before. You're talented enough to give us an amazing, fresh, new-feeling movie with all the twists and turns the fans expect without sacrificing the morality of the first two films.

- If you add sex, you will surely lose me (and no doubt other viewers).
- If you add any unbridled unrealism, you will lose me (yes that means Clayface!).
- If you add an inappropriate level of mystical/false religious content, you will again, surely lose me. (You did it right with R'as Al Ghul; normally the character is immortal, but you made him just a man.)

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are just fine the way they are. Don't change the third one. Trust me, you've already succeeded with this. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.



olde.fashioned said...

Amen!!! Now, if we can just find his address to send this to

Nathan said...

Here ya go. :)

Jonas said...

Has there been any indications that he may do otherwise or are you just being nervous in general?

The Warrior said...

Nate: Oh man dude, friggin' cool! *takes note* Thanks!

Jonas: Not really too much, mostly just me being nervous in general. :-P The Clayface speculations freaked me out, for one....

Jonas said...

I didn't hear those rumours. I must confess the Clayface episodes of the B:tAS are some of my favourites though, they also had some of the best music of the series as well (which had totally awesome music all the time anyway). Here are some short snippets I found...

I agree with you in not wanting Clayface in a live action movie though. That would just be... strange.

The Warrior said...

Hey, thanks for the clips! Cool website, too. Like old times. ;-D