Wednesday, November 24, 2010

North Korea's military - a brief overview

This useful CNN article is worth a read. It's got an overview of the North's military, recent events, etc., and check this quote out:

China says it continues to be open to military collaboration with Pyongyang and last month welcomed a senior North Korean official to Beijing to "enhance coordination of the two militaries."

As in the first war, North Korea can be defeated. The issue lies with China. China turned the tide in the North's favor 60 years ago, and they can do it again with even more success this time around.


Because of how in bed with China our country has become (what, having been sold out by enemies not foreign, but domestic). Stop for a moment and think about just how much China can hurt America, even just economically (we're not even talking about the war aspect here). It makes me want to spit.

Again, keep your eyes pealed and ears perked, kids.



olde.fashioned said...

I say we start early and practice boycotting as many Chinese-made goods as possible. ;P

The Warrior said...

I'd love to...but we need to eat, clothe ourselves, drive our cars, etc. It's monopolistic almost. I call for something bigger.

The People's Will said...

Historical note: China was forced into the Korean War by the Soviet Union (Stalin did not want to engage in direct confrontation with the USA so he made Mao do it instead). There won't be a war between the USA and China over Korea again. South Korea is one of China's important trading partners anyway, and they gain much more economically out of that relationship than the one with the North. The USA cannot fight China and come away with anything better than a Pyrrhic victory, and vice-versa.

BTW I tried to comment in response to your reply on your other post, don't know if it worked (I may well have written too much...). So apologies if it doesn't come up and I'll post it again (unless you'd rather I spared you :P).

The Warrior said...

I got your comment; three of them. :-P So it at least worked, thank you...I published it of course. As to your words about Soviet enforcement of China's involvement, I'm curious to see if you have any sources? (Not assaulting your statement, I'm more intrigued.)

The People's Will said...

I am sorry for inadvertently inundating you with comments! It was certainly the view presented by my lecturer on the subject of modern Chinese history (a Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London). I seem to remember it also being argued by Jonathan Spence and possibly Jacques Gernet (but don't quote me on it), in their books on modern China and Chinese civilization respectively. Of course there will be plenty who will question this view (particularly Jung Chang, who wrote a very brutal biography of Mao a couple of years ago). But my personal opinion is that Stalin (unlike Kruschev) had considerable influence over Mao and used it to tie down US forces without having to get Russia directly involved.

The Warrior said...

LOL, don't worry about it, Blogger is that way sometimes. I'd rather have a few extra floating around than not get your comment at all....

Thanks for the info; I don't know if I believe it, but am not opposed to the idea. Gotta look into this. Thanks!