Monday, November 01, 2010

How do you socialize your children?

Great video; really, please watch it, it's well worth it (Thanks, Catherine R!). And if you're a homeschooler, this'll make you laugh for sure.

What I kept on thinking is that, at least for the current moment and the way the political winds are blowing just now, perhaps there is more to the term "socialize your children"?

I'm going to go out on a limb (what else is new?). I'm going to make the statement that perhaps it is not we (the homeschoolers) who are the misfits, it is them who are the misfits (the public schoolers).

What sayest thou, friends?



olde.fashioned said...

You know, it's very easy to spot homeschooled kids versus public school kids:

Public School Kids: (in low, hard-to-hear mumbled voice) "Uhh, yeah, do you have, like...uhm, like, [name of product]?"

Homeschool Kids: (in clear, polite voice, with good enunciation) "Excuse me ma'am, but do you have any [name of products]?"

You tell me which kid knows how to express himself better.

(And before anyone flies off the handle, these two examples are NOT exaggerated and are based on my personal experiences with kids from both backgrounds. Not all public school kids are incapable of intelligent thought, but I see a good deal more when compared with homeschoolers.)

And for that matter--what is more important, being able to "socialize" or being an intelligent, rational adult?

Jonas said...

Haha, that really did crack me up. I just loved his dry and to the point attitude :P

Just a small question - since home-schooling isn't allowed here - do your parents do the teaching or do they hire actual teachers to do it? Or a combination of both?

The Warrior said...

Short answer, you'll mostly see parents. That's the majority.

Travis Christian said...

I watched this whole thing, utterly confused as to what kind of organization would create one movie promoting homeschooling and another demonizing Tea Party supporters, before I realized that they were just user creations from the same tool.

Katherine Sophia said...

lol... and ha, after "socialize" was repeated the first 10 times, that's exactly what I was thinking. They mean "How will we be able to brainwash your children if you don't give them to us, body and soul, from pre-k through grad school?"