Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Spirit Day" - Wear purple today to condone sodomites

I hate purple (it's far too feminine). They must be using this purple thing because they love purple and green together. You know, to me, purple and green is The Joker....

I don't get it. This means that purple and green exemplifies a moral void, utter evil, and all that is despicable. Hey, wait a minute....



guitargirl said...

"I don't get it. This means that purple and green exemplifies a moral void, utter evil, and all that is despicable. Hey, wait a minute...."

And Barney. Don't forget Barney.


Nathan said...

I oppose bullying in all its forms--including anti-gay bullying--and love the color purple in healthy doses.

But I didn't wear purple yesterday, because that would have been support for the pro-gay movement--something else I oppose.

I might frustrate extremists on either side, but it's just as simple as disagreeing on the act and treating the person like a person. I don't need to support homosexuality to oppose bullying. Sorry, lefties--I slipped through your fingers again.

The Warrior said...

GG: Eew...Barney. Yuck. :-P

Nate: Just to be clear, I wasn't bullying (not saying you said that bud, just saying that to any casual observer).

The lefties shall not have us!!!!!

Jonas said...

I for one always liked purple, I think it's quite classy - you'll never see me wearing green though, that I can promise ;)

Nathan said...

Haha, No worries, Spence; it was clear to me, though I definitely see where you're coming from with the casual observers. It's important for them to know doubtlessly what exactly we stand for and what we don't.

The Warrior said...

Jonas: You don't like green? Any reason?

Jonas said...

No moral reasons, I just don't think it looks very good... I rarely use any colours except red or purple (perhaps lilac is a better word in this case, in Swedish we only have one word for both so I'm not always sure which one to use) anyway, most of my clothing is black or white. Overall I can get quite tired of politization of colours, sure it can be very powerful sometimes (seeing almost everyone on the streets wearing red during the protests in Burma a few years back was very inspiring) but I don't want to have to think twice before using a blue scarf for fear of being seen as a liberal :P (it's also confusing of course with the colour codes in different places, because in the US red is Republican and blue Democrat, right? here red is left and blue right...)

The Warrior said...

Haha! Red and blue may be colors for our two main parties here in America, but the colors are worn by anyone and everyone. And I agree; color is color. I wear black, and I'm not evil. Understand it, peeps! (I'll drink to that, friend!)

olde.fashioned said...

Spencer, kudos for braving the stinging arrows of the opposition (as always). ;)

Nathan, you've hit the nail right on the head. It shouldn't be about WHO is getting bullied, but the fact that people period are being insulted, humiliated, and generally to feel miserable. Bullying is wrong no matter who the target is. Which is also why I wasn't wearing purple...;)

Does anyone else find it interesting, that the color purple is sometimes construed as "wierd" or "unusual", and green "earthy" and "natural"? Wierd is a synonym for "queer", "natural" as in "born that way"....*shrug* Just a thought.

Jonas said...

Just some thoughts on the "stinging arrows of the opposition" or slipping through the fingers of the lefties... I often see you people writing such things as soon as you express a political opinion, but I never quite understand why. To me it looks like you're constructing an enemy that isn't there - fighting windmills as one would say.

In short, these lefties who are out to get you and bash you for your opinions, who are they, really?

I mean, I'm way left of the Swedish mainstream left, which in turn is way left of the American left (to us the American Democrats are some kind of center-right) but I'm not interested in pinning you or your opinions down, and I can't say I know many who would be. Then again the American political climate may be harsher, but I seriously doubt that pointing a sword at an imagined enemy before it even thinks of attacking you rarely would serve to make that climate more pleasant...

The Warrior said...

As you know, Jonas, you are always welcome to speak freely here, and this comment was no exception, so please don't misunderstand my next statement.

I see that my blog itself has not convinced you of the state of this subject. I can't convince you any more than that. If this all isn't enough, then the only way I could convince you now would be for you to do a "Freaky Friday." Take over my life and body for a while. Then, and only then, would you see the undying hate, the relentless attacks, the utter lack of "tolerance" for my kind, and the exact nature of the forces that we are up against.

You would then see the truth: when you add it all up on a black-and-white scale, you see the dark picture in all it's horrid glory. Not only are is our belief system, way of life, and practices not to be tolerated, they are to be utterly and completely eradicated. This is the end game of the "opposition", and it matters little whether or not every single purple-shirt-wearer, etc. realizes this fully or not (many do, I'd wager). What matters is that this is what it is.

I guess then, Jonas, you'd have to see it for yourself, and you'd have to see it from our perspective. It's uglier than you think.


Jonas said...

Well, as much as I disdain that kind of treatment for you, my point is that an attitude like that doesn't make anything better, rather the opposite. Nathan's comment for example was a great one, and one I loved to read, except in the last line where he suddenly out of nowhere made a blind swing at everything "left" (which from a conservative American point of view is probably a vast majority of the world's population), a swing that naturally hit me too. And for what reason?

I don't doubt that there are those who try to interpret everything you say as vile and cruel, but you act like there's some kind of great leftie hive mind out to get you. Stabbing at a possible (imagined) opposition will only serve to fuel the disdain of those who already dislike you, and worse yet, alienate those who don't (like me).

I get disdain and hatred too. As soon as I comment on anything political I get liberals all over me, and I've even been threatened (labeled as an "enemy") by neo-nazis but the one way not to act in such situations is to fall down to their level, do what they do. I tolerate their points, I welcome their opinions and I embrace (uhm, figurativly I guess, I doubt any nazi would let himself be hugged by me...) them as fellow humans.

It might in cases be harder, but in the end it makes my life easier and more pleasant, as well as my conversations more rewarding.

And isn't this the way you use to speak of treating others anyway? "disagreeing on the act and treating the person like a person" as Nathan said, before contradicting himself.

The Warrior said...

I understand your points, and appreciate the long comment and the effort, but I'm going to have to sum up with a short comment. :-D

Hive mind? No. One mind. In the end, we war against not flesh, but Satan himself, the author of the evil we see around us everywhere today.

Now that's the "hive mind" we're dealing with.

Nathan, since your comment is under discussion now, would you like to comment?


Nathan said...

Yes--I do see my error, Jonas. You're right; my last statement wasn't in line with the rest of my comment. For that, I offer my sincere apology.

I will readily admit that there are often times when I get carried away when speaking of things about which I am passionate. It is a personal weakness; the moment blinds me sometimes. And this was certainly one of those times.

The original meaning I suppose I had behind the last statement was, to me, more of a "Hey, this is what I think, and those who oppose it won't change my mind." And, very often I do associate my "opposition" with the left because that's where much of it has come from in the United States. But as I made the comment I did not think of how others may interpret it, and I did lose focus and stoop to a level that I'm not proud of; there are people near and dear to me who have different viewpoints from me. That's why I'm glad you pointed out my inconsistency to me, Jonas--because if I am guilty of hurting or offending or pushing anyone away (especially a friend), that is indeed something to be regretted and fixed. Now I am more aware of it, and will try harder to do better in the future.

In a nutshell, what I'm trying to say here is that I often feel the things I stand for are mocked and ridiculed by what seems to be a majority in the world today. And while it's important to stand up for what I feel is right, it's just as important to not get defensive about it--which I, as an imperfect man, have done on more than one occasion, and which is one thing on which I will just have to work harder to improve so I don't tear down more than I build. I should have been more considerate.

Thanks again for the correction; there's no reason why we can't all stand together. :)

Jonas said...

You do confuse me, Spencer. We are speaking of humans and their actions (motivated by Satan or not), right? You do think that humans should be treated well even if their actions are disagreeable, right? (disagree with the act and not the person)

But now you suddenly war against Satan in opposing this mysterious "left", seemingly disinterested in treating those who belong to this "left" like persons, but like enemies, like Satan.

You are - with all due respect - contradicting yourself somewhere...

The Warrior said...

I'm sorry, Jonas, but you seem to be misunderstanding me.

If you want to get down to it, yes, there is a "hive mind" technically. And that's the devil.

No, I don't treat everyone like Satan, nor do I mistreat people for their views. (Would you believe me when I say that a few of my friends are bisexual?)

Just because I believe that there is a group of people that are united in their belief if "left" things does not mean I am treating them any less than human.

It's just plain true, and that's how I see it.

Jonas said...

Well, I'll take your word for it, Spencer ;)

(and thanks for your response Nathan, you've probably already read my reply to you by the time you see this)