Monday, October 18, 2010

Documentary Review: Silence of the Bees

This hour-long PBS Nature documentary is, as usual, high-quality and well-done.

It deals with Colony Collapse Disorder, something that is still unsolved several years after this documentary's release. CCD, all at once unexpected, unexplained, and unsolved, is taking a toll on honey bees (Apis mellifera) worldwide, and it it isn't stopped, and soon, the human race itself is going to be in for some tough times, to say the least.

Silence of the Bees covers the issue with a high level of information, good, relevant footage, and with proper entertainment value. From the beekeeping industry and it's first issues, to the other dangers plaguing bees (parasites such as Varroa destructor and Nosema ceranae, pesticides, Israel Acute Paralysis Virus, or IAPV, and overwork, globalization, etc.). For an hour program, this was a good overview of the problem. (My one quibble with this show was the segment on the Chinese bee industry; it didn't mention any of the ugly problems).

If you aren't willing to spend much time on CCD but still want to know what is going on (you really should be paying attention), then watch this documentary. It's a good one.



olde.fashioned said...

You do realize, that with you around, no one even really NEEDS to watch this documentary??


The Warrior said...


That's besides the point!

Nathan said...

@ olde: HAHAHA! :D