Friday, October 15, 2010

Artificial Wombs: The Stuff of Science Fiction?, 2

Here I'm going to illustrate that some science fiction is well beyond the Star Wars-esque pointlessness that it is all so often discounted as.

See these two clips, from Gattaca, and from The Matrix. Gattaca was an excellent film (barring an inferred sex scene, although not shown) and is one of the most timely sci-fi movies you can watch right about now. The Matrix, I already gave my thoughts on here. It's possibly the most visually stunning film trilogy ever created, but a single sex scene in the second film as well as the increasing amount sacrilegious touches by the third film as well as an overarching framework of false religious overtones makes me officially state a thumbs-down.

Still, check out these clips to see that, sometimes, science fiction thinkers beat the "real" thinkers.



The Warrior said...

P.S. To anyone who watched the show Batman Beyond, does anyone remember one of the last episodes, Curse of the Kobra Part II? Zander was grown in an artificial womb to be the Kobra's leader, if you remember....

olde.fashioned said...

This stuff creeps me out. Stupid, stupid humans thinking we can play God...there's always some unforseen consequences, a hidden trade-off. *shakes head*