Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Humans, 2. Mice, 0.

Well, another mouse is downed...but I came home to him dead in a glue trap, long story short (even though my roommate attempted to smash him in his absence I'm pretty sure he died of glue causes, seeing as his skull and spine were just fine).

But that means that they're back. I'm ready for them this time. How dare they.



Laughter-Loving Stacy said...

Aww, the glue trap? I did that once (also a lot of mice where I live) and he was alive for so long! it's like torture. So i buy the snapping traps, that way it's instant. Stupid mice.

The Warrior said...

I know, right? That's part of the reason I killed the first with a rock. It was quick and relatively painless for him.

...but that doesn't stop too many from feeling instead of thinking. I've been branded "Mouse Killer" by one group of acquaintances. Meh.

Who gives a hoot?


P.S. How have you been, Stac? Phew, life's going so fast, isn't it?

olde.fashioned said...

I've been branded "Mouse Killer" by one group of acquaintances.

A bunch of wimps and/or women, no doubt. But hey -- I'd rather be branded a mouse killer than be the guy who's branded as afraid of mice....hahaha. ;-P