Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cognitive "Enhancement" for Soldiers

A good post, as is usual, from my friend gravelbelly.



olde.fashioned said...


Under testing now is a system intended to control a soldier's psychiatric status, make him alert, reduce his stress and intervene when he suffers pain, among other applications, with the press of a button.

And make him do things he wouldn't ordinarily agree to under normal circumstances? Perhaps even things that are morally objectionable? HMMM... (Brain damage risks, much?)

Just another reason why it's not a good idea to join the military anymore. I want YOU to be my mindless human robot!

Jonas said...

As if the US military didn't work enough like computer games already... This is really disturbing.

I don't understand what in the world it would have to do with public school though....

Nathan said...


They should just stick with their work on REAL mindless robots. Or build a really really cool aircraft carrier in the sky.