Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Senate Scheduled to Vote on anti-Free Speech Bill

Time to move, people.


Humans, 2. Mice, 0.

Well, another mouse is downed...but I came home to him dead in a glue trap, long story short (even though my roommate attempted to smash him in his absence I'm pretty sure he died of glue causes, seeing as his skull and spine were just fine).

But that means that they're back. I'm ready for them this time. How dare they.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cognitive "Enhancement" for Soldiers

A good post, as is usual, from my friend gravelbelly.


Survivalblog: A Woman's Perspective on Personal Self Defense, by Roxanne L. Griswold

To open this new blogging "era," I'll highlight this article. I've got some more waiting; for example, I haven't forgotten about my part 2 post concerning video with the attacked girl. Bear with me, kids, I ain't done yet!


Changes to my blog

Don't panic, the changes will not be too big.

Lately, I've been trying to get some things in order; this involves time. Therefore, I've decided I have to cut down on some blog time. Not, not overall, but, long story short, I've made the decision to write fewer reviews. My reasons are thusly:

- Writing a review for every movie or book I read is not always necessary. I'm going to cut it down to the ones that are really worth reviewing.

- My media intake exceeds the time I have to write reviews (one single movie can take one or more hours to write a review, sometimes more).

- I'm getting fewer and fewer responses to my reviews, and if they aren't of use to anyone, I'm less inclined to spend hours writing them.

- I want to spend more blogging time on other things, such as returning to the "political arena" and getting my blog's news-orientation back on track

That said, my reviews are not going to disappear. I will continue to write them; just fewer. My time is shrinking all over the place, so even my non-review posts may be short and quick in appearance (and friends, please don't rake me over the coals for an article I posted to alert you to a topic, and that I didn't entirely read--I don't have the time for this!).

And now is a great time for my readers to chip in and tell me what they like to see here (and, as always, remember that the best way to tell me this is to comment on said posts).


The New!

It took me a few days, I'm sorry (that's what I get for falling asleep instead of blogging...) but it's up and they've got some killer sales right now. Check it out!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Memoriam

9 years later....I'm still not satisfied. As I said last year, justice has yet to be served in full.


Well, that's just me.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010