Sunday, August 08, 2010

An Open Letter to Conservative Christian Guys

Via Stacy McDonald's blog, Your Sacred Calling.

Boys, if you want to become men, if you truly want to follow the narrow path and get it right, then I beg you to read this.

In fact, I want every single young man around here to read this post, if not for me, then for them...for the very few Godly young Christian ladies who are left.


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olde.fashioned said...

Hear hear! It's about time someone recognized the double-sided coin that is modesty and saving oneself for marriage. It's not just about girls, it's also about guys. Both sexes encourage the other to be immodest and flirtatious, by, as the letter states, "rewarding" each other with attention.

If guys would stop being such "moths to the flames" when it comes to pretty girls in scanty clothing, perhaps more girls would be less inclined to join them...

It's funny, because I was pondering this theme in fiction just the other day. ;-) Although I think in real life, I'd be more inclined to write off the Edmund Bertrams of this world altogether, since falling for women such as Mary Crawford indicates a glaring lack of moral fiber and forbearance that a lady most certainly does not want in her husband.

Thanks for posting this! I'm running off to blog it myself, as well. ;-D