Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Rodent Infestations and Pikachu the Pokemon

Ladies and gentleman, God has punished me.

The day before yesterday, a piece of electronic equipment with a dying battery made a loud chirping noise. It sounded like a cross between a machine and a mouse. Electronics and mice...I know! Pikachu!

Does anyone remember Pikachu?

(Hint: he's an
electric mouse...get it?)

While Pokemon was, at best, the interrupting force behind my missing Batman cartoons when I was a kid, and at worst, an annoying fascination that I just couldn't grasp, now Pokemon, and thus Pikachu, is now just plain funny.

So, my joke for the rest of the day was Pikachu. Yes, I have the habit of adopting a joke for at least a day. I even pasted a picture of Pikachu up so I could see him. Someone said to me, when they realized that Spencer wasn't going to drop this joke, either, "Oh, G**! You're not going to have a Pikachu day, are you?"

The next day, I was punished for my silliness.


Yes, mice. In my home.

While I've bought some traps and various war machines, I was wondering if anyone has any kind of advice? Anyone encountered them before? I'm only just starting to see them (well, technically it was my roommates who saw them, not me), and droppings are beginning to appear....

I can tell you one thing. It was a cursed day for these mice when they decided to intrude on my home!



olde.fashioned said...


LOL. ;-P

Julie B. said...

Hi Spencer! We have had mice here in MN, especially in cold weather. I have a personal opinion about how to deal with them, although I'm not afraid of them and I feel bad that the solution involves ending their life when they're only trying to get warm or find food, like the rest of us. :) We have tried three mousetraps: the plastic box kind that entraps them (and sometimes doesn't kill them), the sticky paper kind, and the old-fashioned kind with the metal that slams down on their (hopefully) necks. The first one is iffy and doesn't always kill them, and I don't want to have to kill a mouse myself. The second one is cruel - it worked well but I asked Michael not to use it again - it was clear that the mouse had stepped on the paper and was trapped there for a long time...many droppings and it finally just expired. The third is hard to set, but very effective. Be sure to use a dollop of fresh peanut butter and press a chocolate chip right into the peanut butter - this causes the mouse to take a little extra time to get the food, and the chances for a humane death are greater, I believe. Most of the time we have heard the trap fire in the middle of the night, and found the mouse (mercifully) dead with the trap on its neck. Weird to talk about such stuff, but there is my two cents. :)

Stephanie said...

The only experience I have with mice is dead ones. I once heard one squeaking and writhing around like crazy so I got up to see what was going on and it was laying on the floor in the middle of our family room dying. I turned around and left it for my dad to pick up the next morning.

My dad I think uses peanut butter on the traps because they like the smell of it. Dave says it's also a good technique for catching hamsters that have gotten into your vents.

Good luck!

guitargirl said...

Oh geez. I remember when Pokemon was really popular, and not just with kids who were obsessed with Japanese cartoons either. XD I never really got into it.

fuzzys dad said...

Get a cat