Sunday, August 22, 2010

No more mice?????

After two more nights with traps set out, I haven't seen, heard, or found any evidence of any more mice. Not one.

I thought if there was one there was usually more. Is this case the exception to the rule? I must admit I'm slightly disappointed, even though that's rather stupid.

So what am I going to do with all my Weapons of Mouse Destruction now?



fuzzys dad said...

Hang on to them.There will be more.

Mrs. Brown said...

Oh, Spencer ... I was really looking forward to more of your 'mousecapades'. I truly enjoyed your previous post!

We had a mouse invasion here, a long while ago ... one of my sons chased a mouse around the house with his BB gun! He did finally get him, but he froze him first, with my spray can of compressed air, when he had him trapped in a corner in the back of our piano. (cheating!!) Dumb mouse thought he was safely hidden with his head in the corner so he couldn't see us!

We ended up sealing all access points with caulk. (like around the water pipes under sinks and such) Never had one in the house since then. We live on a farm, surrounded by fields, so they always tried to get in here where it was warm, dry and food aplenty!

Hope you don't get more, but it does sound like you are well prepared! I loved the flat execution rock. Peanut butter always did the trick for us. Though you have to make sure the traps are set to very sensitive ... otherwise you will find the bait gone and the trap just waiting for someone to come along and with a strong hand, pick it up and get smacked! I would suggest not giving them cookies. After all, remember that when you give a mouse a cookie he will want a glass of milk. :-)

Take care,
Mrs. Brown

olde.fashioned said...

LOL, as much as I loathe the prospect of having to sanitize the entire kitchen again, I'll admit it must be a bit deflating to have an entire arsenal of "weapons of mouse destruction" and no mice to use them on. ;-P (You really do crack me up you know!)

You know, too...I'm sure if mice tell stories to their baby mice (mouselets?) when they disobey, they tell them to mind, or else Spencer will get them!! LOL!

Fuzzys dad: I sincerely hope not!!!

Mrs. Brown: Wow, what a pleasant surprise to see a comment from you!!! :-D :-D How have you been feeling?

Mrs. Brown said...

My Dear Olde Fashioned,

I know that Spencer has earned those warnings for the mouselets! Or at least they should have come up with a song about him ... something great to fear!! :-)

Yesterday, when I went out to the hen house to gather eggs, something made noise in the weeds ... but I didn't see anything. When I went out today ... I saw something, but wasn't sure just what. I called out my dear husband and he went hunting. He found a mouse house! And there were little ones there. They aren't there anymore... enough said. Men, they are nice to have around. :-)

Thank you. It's been a difficult road, but I think I'm feeling some better. May God be praised! Thank you for caring.

Love to you,
Mrs. Brown

The Warrior said...

Hahaha! Okay, this warrants a blog post!