Friday, August 27, 2010

More info on the Mosasaur

If you just want to cut to the chase, read this press release here. She's a real wower. Also, see the newer article by the ICR.

(And if I see one comment about the "cool dinosaur" I will choke you out, got it?)



Nathan said...

Of course we know the dinosaur only stayed cool because it was in the water all the time....

Haha, Couldn't resist! I've got your back; anyone who refers to this beauty as a "cool dinosaur" will have TWO guys at your door.

With that said, the coming exhibit sounds very exciting. If I can, I'd love to see it.

Oh, and P.S., Spence.... New blog is up!

Now I'm back. ;-)

olde.fashioned said...

Don't you just LOVE DINOSAURS!!!

The Warrior said...

LOL...that's why I like you, Nate. :-D