Monday, August 02, 2010

New Film: Romans vs. Picts

Check out this trailer.

Looks interesting, but I'm just not sure yet.... Is that Xena I see? And on the poster (see link), is that double-bladed axe very Pictish? Speaking of which, I know next to nothing about Picts, but what I do know is that sometime after this date they were making Christian-themed architecture and art, etc. So I don't know how well this barbarian thing fits, but they were pretty much Celt-like at this time, am I wrong? I'm really just thinking out loud, and have no this could be just me making myself look like an imbecile. Should be an interesting watch though.

Oh. And I'm skeptical about a movie where the Romans are the good guys and the Picts are the bad ones. :-/

Thanks goes to Olde.Fashioned for the heads-up.


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olde.fashioned said...

It looks like Gladiator meets Braveheart. *rolls eyes* We'll see how bad "Xena" there is or rather, how much of a warrior princess we'll have to endure...I really wish Hollywood would invest in a couple DK Eyewitness Books on history. *facepalm*