Saturday, August 28, 2010

Batman / The Dark Knight Spoofs and Fan Vid

Well, after being gone two whole years, my best bud in the whole world Nathan Cunningham is back and kicking. In honor of his return to the world and to the blogosphere, I give him a collection of Batman and/or The Dark Knight spoof and fan videos. Some are fantastic, some are just ok, but they're all fun. Minus a tiny bit of profanity, they're all clean (or at least I don't think I missed anything?), and from top to bottom is order of their respective goodness, roughly.

Enjoy, kiddies!

Batman Vanishing (embedding disabled, click the link instead)

Is this the record for this many Youtube videos in a single Blogger post?

Welcome back, man!



olde.fashioned said...

Wow, what a fabulous way to welcome someone back to the blogosphere!!! (Maybe I should go away for two years and then come back, ha ha.) ;-P

I sure am glad I've already seen all of these...or else I probably would've died laughing. (It's too bad we don't have any "bat sonar" we can't use to spy on Nathan while he's watching them and see what he does!!! HA HA)

Nathan said...

Holy Youtube videos, Batman! Awesome stuff; got a good laugh, thanks! What a great welcome back, indeed. You're a champion, man.

Well it's good to be back. You'll definitely be seeing more of me. Thanks again!

The Warrior said...

So did you watch them all, and if not, which ones?

olde.fashioned said...

Holy Youtube videos, Batman!


Nathan said...

Every one, except for the rest of the interrogation outtakes; I was done with that one once they dropped the "F" bomb. But the rest were awesome! Thank you for the tribute. :)

Jonas said...

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at these.... ;) Bonus points for the LEGO-versions though, if not as slick as they could be animation-wise.

And it's good to see you again, Nathan, I've followed the mails from your mission with great interest, even though I never wrote you. You'd remember me as Maedhros I guess, I use to pop in here at Spencer's blog every once in a while, lecturing him on Latin or such :P

The Warrior said...

Nathan: Oops! Must've missed that, I'm sorry there...don't watch some of my movies, man. :-O

I've grown to love some of these so much I know them almost like the original film. The Key of Awesome, Batman Vanishing, and of course the Interrogation are all epic.

Jonas: lecturing him on Latin or such

LOL, and boy do I need it. :-D

Nathan said...

Good to see you again, too, Jonas! I'm glad you enjoyed my emails; it was definitely an awesome experience for me to be out there. I'm looking forward to rejoining the Lego community soon!