Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video: DC Handgun Info: Girl Dragged by Hair, Assaulted -- What the Heck!?

(Note: Video may be somewhat disturbing to some viewers.)

I'd like to ask the resident men of this corner of the net a question. What would you have done if you had been here, and what would your tactical approach have been?

Let me know in the comments. Thinking ahead will keep you from having to think when such a thing might happen.

Thanks goes to the owner of linked blog for finding this.



dchandguninfo said...

Nonviolent approach: first call the cops with cellphone, cover the girl with my body, shove away the assailant, use cell phone to covertly document the attack for prosecution (not for posting to the Web for entertainment).

Violent approach: pull a defensive handgun, pointing it down at the ground, and give loud, clear instructions: STOP YOUR ATTACK. STOP YOUR ATTACK. BACK UP. STOP YOUR ATTACK. Then immediately call cops to say, "I'm a good guy with a legal concealed-carry gun, stopping a lethal attack by one woman on another. [Describe self]"

Son III said...

Still chilling. I hate to hear that sound.

Since it's a girl that's committing the violence, I'd do a rushed, hard body slam to the ground, then concentrate on keeping her away from the victim, and I'd keep an eye out for any of her friends or family who might attack me while doing so.

If it was a man, however, my approach would be to neutralize them completely via blows to the neck, head and chest to disorient and knock the wind out of them, then make sure the police were on their way.

That's just me, sitting at my computer chair, though. Who knows how collected one will be at the time?