Thursday, July 29, 2010

To the Last Ditch: All Kinds Of Interesting Things Can Be Learned At Public School...

Oh my gosh...I've been so very, very wrong. What a bloody brute I have been.

How can I ever recompense for my sin?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gun Owners of America: The Free Speech Gag Bill Stalls on the Floor of the Senate!

Our God has seen fit to help his children yet again with this latest victory.

You may or may not have heard about the DISCLOSE act recently. I've been attempting to keep at least somewhat on top of it, but I recognize that I have failed to inform you, my readers, and have failed to keep well informed enough myself.

I admit I've been just plain worn out the past few months. Slowly, I am regaining the energy to do this.

Bear with me.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Glenn Beck: Big Brother Has Arrived

I know. Glenn Beck is far from "perfect." At his very best, Beck is a Mormon who just isn't radical enough. But I was watching this on Thursday when it aired. I had just finished my lunch, and he got my attention. I only saw as much as is in these two video portions, but he had some real business to say.

I am serious when I say that what Mr. Beck has to say here is very important. Pay very close attention. Watch, and ponder.

Via the wonderful website


The Snake on the Flag: I AM THE TEA PARTY!

We are the Tea Party!

Amen to that!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maxpedition Hard-Use Gear... now a sponsor of James Wesley Rawles's Survivalblog! As you all know, I've been endorsing them for years. My cell phone case, my EVERYWHERE I GO friend for the past two years now, is still almost brand new with extremely limited wear.

Check 'em out!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video: DC Handgun Info: Girl Dragged by Hair, Assaulted -- What the Heck!?

(Note: Video may be somewhat disturbing to some viewers.)

I'd like to ask the resident men of this corner of the net a question. What would you have done if you had been here, and what would your tactical approach have been?

Let me know in the comments. Thinking ahead will keep you from having to think when such a thing might happen.

Thanks goes to the owner of linked blog for finding this.


Sgt. Grit: Remembering the Korean War, 60 years ago

"The Forgotten War" should never be forgotten.


Monday, July 12, 2010

The Art of Manliness: 9 Ways To Start a Fire Without Matches

This is dated from before I joined the site, which is why I must've missed it. Anyhow, it's relevant to my blog, and you gotta love that picture of what might be the best scene of Castaway....


The Art of Manliness: Dance Like Zorba the Greek: Getting in Touch with Your Wild Man


Just forget about the "dance" part for a second. I just loved this post, and am quite pleased to see someone else besides me endorse it, for the first time in my life.

What exactly do I mean?

If you've ever been around me in person, you'd see that covering all that dark seriousness is a very non-serious silliness. I'm wacky, and am rather crazy as well. Have you ever seen me howl like a wolf? Have you ever been in the room when I did what has come to be called "My Monkey?" Have you ever heard me ponder the reasons why Fuzzy Wuzzy isn't fuzzy? How about pretend to sing opera? Or make exaggerated, mock martial arts moves to entertain a kid? I've done it all, peeps.

What's more, I do this all the time. And, naturally, due to how the rest of the world is, this creates some issues. Know it before you do it: if you intend to be as insane as I am, you will receive a lot of negativity, to say the least. I'm known just about everywhere as the crazy one.

But why was this AoM post so awesome? Because, like me, he just doesn't even care! Who on earth wants to be like the rest of the punks in the world?

So here's to being wacky and silly. There ain't a thing wrong with it, and it's awesome to be that way.



P.S. Speaking of Greekness, I've been known to impersonate Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding on numerous occasions. "Give me a word, any word...!"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chuck Norris!

I can never, ever get enough of The Norris....

IFMaReD Drone

The IFMaReD--In-Flight Maintenance and Repair Drone--was designed to fly outside of spacecraft during travel to repair and do maintenance. With remote piloting and autonomous capabilities, this clunky little drone zooms about, fixing damages.


Cargo Freighter

The Atlas, a light cargo freighter with a crew of five, carries commercial goods via shipping lanes.


The Warrior: Assassin's Eye: A Vignette

As The Warrior sneaks around the offices of the police department after hours in order to obtain a piece of information relevant to the case he is working on, a government assassin from the next building takes a bead on him, with intent to kill. Credit for the sniper rifle design goes to Sir Nelson (Yrizzary).


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

To those of us who feel less than ecstatic at the current state of affairs and therefore feel a sense of foreboding, in a way, on this Fourth, I am sure that we all know it. If things don't turn around, fast, then we might just be finished.

That doesn't sit well with me. So, fight we will. Will we not?



Here is my latest Lego creation. Space pirates have boarded a ship with marines guarding an important political official....

You might want to check out these links to see the details (most aren't apparent in the wide shot.)


Spencer / Histo-Sci