Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Tenebrion Star Cruiser

My first large-scale Lego spaceship. I call it The Tenebrion, after the family of black beetles (Tenebrionidae). Part battleship, part aircraft carrier, and more! Comments and criticism welcome!




Mada said...

Pretty cool! I especially like how you placed it in an appropriate scene...very nice.

Mariah :) said...

I was just realizing that I comment on your Lego posts more often than on your other posts...

I think the picture is really, really neat. And the name--well, what else would I expect coming from Spencer?! ;-)

Word Verification: squeus. Sounds squishy. Like squid. (My dad says that octopus is more rubbery than squid, though.)

The Warrior said...

Mada: Why thank you! Special effects courtesy of the hard work of my sister. :-P

Mariah: Well that's at least "get" Lego in some way. While I'm more and more creeping towards the dark side of Lego building that's always been my muse, Lego is a toy and looks "cute". You get that. :-D No?

Like I said, my sis spiffied it all up for me. And of was black, sleek, and so I thought, "Aha! Beetles!"

I've eaten both...calamari on more than one occasion and in different ways. Only once ate an octopus...whole. :-P It was chilled, slimy, and a bit rubbery, yeah....