Friday, June 11, 2010

"Official policy is to arrest the vigilante known as 'Batman' on sight."

News for you this Sabbath.

Warning Label For The U.S. Constitution?
Don't you just love it? Can we put a disclaimer on the Obamacare bill? Why Not?

Hollywood Characters Booted From Walk of Fame
So...Batman gets arrested because people complained about him? I wonder, do you think it would work if I filed a blanket complaint about all the illegal aliens in America...?


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olde.fashioned said...

OH are we freaking serious here people? A WARNING LABEL? How about a warning label on religious books, now: Warning! Might conflict with the views of some readers!

This is what we call a "headdesk" moment. Sigh.

Ha ha, and Batman was only taking pictures with tourists. Imagine what they'd do to him if he was thrashing criminals and stopping crime! ;-P